Monday, March 22, 2010

UFO Sighting: What is it About West Linn, Oregon?

Not long ago I posted about a strange beam of light that appeared from the sky in West Linn, Oregon on UFOMystic. And now comes a report of a witness who saw a triangle object in the sky, also in West Linn, Oregon.

Thanks to Roger Marsh at the Examiner for both stories.

The witness reported the sighting to MUFON, and contacted local media. Only one news station was available; this is the frustrating response:
Right away I called the local TV Channels. The only one that had a live person to talk to said, "that's kind of funny that you'd report that today because it's the Spring Equinox and you could have seen a reflection from the Northern Lights. This was no reflection but rather a solid, industrial strength vehicle.
I've often commented that it seems since 9/11, media around here (Oregon)  are not interested in UFO stories. Before that, there were stories of sightings all over the place. But very few since then. The above rationalization from the news woman is almost bizarre; no attempt at getting more information from the witness, just a ridiculous brush off with an insulting response that the solid object was a "reflection of the Northern Lights."


Naveed said...

Triangle sightings seemed to be the most common ones next to strange lights when I was trying to determine if we were having a wave here a few months ago. I wonder if people are seeing the same crafts in different parts of the state?

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Ray said...

1. What do the northern lights (aurora) have to do with the spring equinox? The aurora is generated by sunspots. It's not dependent on the equinox. You might as well say: “It's Easter and you saw a meteor."

2. Sunspot activity generally has been low lately. Where the northern lights active on the night of the sighting?

3. I've seen the northern lights a few times. What do they mean by a reflection from the northern lights? The aurora can be impressive but usually it isn't so intense that it reflects off objects (maybe at the north pole).
Once again a news org talking through its backside, a person without any scientific knowledge to properly evaluate the sighting. I'm not saying the object was definitely a UFO / ET ship but I the aurora explanation at first glance doesn't wash.


Regan Lee said...

thanks Ray!