Thursday, March 11, 2010

Zorgy Winners

I just want to say, even at the late date, congratulations to all who won the Zorgy, and congratulations to the nominees as well! Which, ahem, I was one of, much to my surprise.

I'm glad Tim Binnall won for best paranormal podcast, congratulations to Tim, and Paratopia, Jeremy Vaeni's podcast, came in second which was good to see.  Other categories were harder to decide who to vote for, since there are so many excellent blogs and researchers out there. The Daily Grail also won, and glad to see Lesley's Debris Field came in third! Loren Coleman won for best researcher, and I don't have any problem with that; though my vote went to Redfern, because of the diversity of topics he explores, and his willingness to take a sometimes controversial view of things. (Roswell, cross-over cases, paranormal Bigfoot, etc.)

I was especially glad to see UFO Hunters win; that show seemed to get a lot of unfair negative comments from some inside the UFO circus so glad to see they won.

It's a silly thing and no one wins anything but silly and fun are good things... so thank you to the 9 people who voted for me (hey, that's something!) and again, congratulations.

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Loren Coleman said...

Thank you, seriously, for your congratulations, and for making me feel so very mainstream, for a change. All those stands I've taken for studying sex among Bigfoot, the Mothman Death Curse, the Dover Demon, Phantom Panthers, and doing a Jungian analysis of fairies, black dogs, and UFOs. They all seem so conservative now. That is not to mention my work in suicide clusters, workplace rampages, the name game, the twilight language, and my recent writings pulling apart Dan Brown's The Lost Symbols.

Gosh, I hope I can strike a more radical tone this year, my 50th doing research, like I did in the 1960s. LOL.