Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dreams, Water, and a Childhood Connection?

A lot of my dreams/memories from childhood concerning UFOs and entities include the presence of a childhood friend. She is in many of these dreams, and together we wait for "them." I realized, after posting my triangle dream of the other night, that the house was her house. I had called the house a recurring dreamscape; one of several settings that I return to, but this was the first time I realized the house was the one I had visited many times. An interesting observation, but what significance, if any, . . . who knows.

Another thing I realized; my recent triangle dream, and this dream, (Creepy Water Dream), that I posted on my blog Saucer Sightings, involve an unpleasant situation with water, and another childhood home; this time the one I grew up in. And, both involve invisible aliens.

So, recurring themes and imagery. Covers for literal UFO-alien experiences, or representations for something more esoteric that possibly doesn't have anything to do with UFOs or aliens at all?

I don't think it's such a dichotomous set-up. Some of both, with all kinds of things in between; possible. But attempts to be so rigid in dividing experiences like this and making sure one stays away, while we maintain "reality" misses the point.

The debate rages on about inter-dimensional, non-outer space ET creatures vs. a literal, nuts and bolts, ETH explanation. The former allows for a lot, the latter is   too simplistic while ignoring all that high strangeness. Couldn't it be both?


Anonymous said...

I think it's BOTH, for the record.

My suspicion, as I've written in my own blog numerous times, is that the technology the extraterrestrials use (including cloaking/invisibility devices, time envelopes for super speed for them, and dimensional portals--opened in the skies or smaller ones in people's homes) literally RIP space-time apart on a limited basis, and from there things LEAK out. That's why, if you investigate high strangeness, the UFO sightings seem to come first, THEN the ultra-weird stuff that may be from parallel worlds.

Just a guess, but at this point, it's my own working theory, since nothing else seems to fit.

Bruce Duensing said...

I had a variation of this same dream which I describe in my own blog. I was watching others watch a triangle at night.One said look up here! or something to that effect. The atmosphere around this "thing" had a liquid like consistency, that had a strange curvilinear quality as if the space it occupied was pliable plastic. It was so unusual and vivid. The connection between water, a childhood friend and extraordinary experiential reality is very interesting as these are all bundled as a singularity, which seems to suggest more specifics that have been lost, for whatever reason. I will tell you this that dream had qualities I have never experienced before and this was in perhaps in conjunction with a low frequency rumbling around the same time that turned off in a microsecond as if someone had flipped a switch. Very bizarre.

Bruce Duensing said...


I went back and checked and my dream was on the 26th and I posted the account on the 28th, two days later.