Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Eugene, Oregon UFO Sighting

Details are very sketchy at this point, I heard this second hand, but I hope to talk to the witnesses soon. In the North Eugene area, three witnesses had a night time sighting of a very bright "brighter than a star" round object that moved about in the sky; witnesses observed it moving around for about 45 min. The object changed color having a multi colored effect. At one point a smaller reddish-orange orb shaped object seemed to have come out of the larger multi colored one and got closer to the witnesses, zooming and dancing around near the tree lines . . . as I say, I haven't spoken with the witnesses directly, and it's so far just a "more lights in the sky" kind of story. But I know the witnesses, and so does the person who told me about it, and I know they're not making anything up for funzies. I do find it interesting a smaller object came out of the larger one; which fits into other reports of a similar nature.

Most of all, for myself, I always wonder: if it's not ET, and not some kind of paranormal-portal visiting entity, etc. then it's ours. So if it's man made, and ours, what's that all about? What's it doing up there, what's it doing in a populated area in a smallish to medium sized city, what's it doing there behaving both covertly (cover of night) and yet overtly (colored lights, either unaware of, or not caring about, being seen.)

Another possibility: someone's remote controlled toy, but I don't see why someone would be standing out there in the cold, dark drizzle playing around with something like that, and why the two objects, though anything's possible.
Of course, the witnesses stood around for 45 min. watching the thing... so if a person is motivated enough, and an Oregonian, cool night air and some rain isn't going to bother you.

Hopefully I can get more info soon.


Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

They watched it for 45 min and there are no photos or video?

Regan Lee said...

Good question. As I said, I haven't spoken yet to any of the witnesses, and I got the story second hand. If I have a chance to talk to them I will ask that question.

Possible they didn't have a camera, etc. with them, or that, as happens so often in sightings, they just didn't think of it, but that's speculation.

hysteriacity said...

Yup, they are telling the truth. My wife and I watched it for over 30 minutes. Could not get it to focus on my video camera, too far away, but got a good look through binoculars. NOT a plane, NOT a helicopter. Glowing white on the right side looking north, blue to red flashes on the left side. Tilted at about 45 degrees and looked to have a slight glowing tail on the red/ blue flashing side.
I was surprised not to see it on the news this morning.
UFO for sure. They're here.