Thursday, April 8, 2010

Grasshopper Canyon

I love these weird little bits of, whatever they are. I was drifting off to sleep, still awake, in that warm delicious place between wake and sleep, when the slide show started. Often when I'm in this mild trance like kind of state, images start to flood my mind; one after the other, vivid, intricate images like moving postcards, but they don't last for more than few seconds. They're almost unrelated to each other, and, almost always unrelated to me. The images are usually of people in various settings and places. Global. It's as if I'm watching a TV screen gone crazy; a scene here, then, gone! Flash forward to another, and another. Sometimes this scares me a little because I don't know what these people and places have to do with me; it's as if I've wandered into someone else's dream, or head. Often I hear voices; but don't really catch anything, because it's all so fast, and a lot of the time it's even in another language.Once in awhile things slow down a bit and it seems as if I can stay, wander around, figure this thing out, but I'm whoosed off again.

It's very startling when, on occassion, one of the people in a scene will see me and look right at me; we're both equally started. Neither one of us expected to be there. Once in awhile they seem pissed off that I've intruded. And, occasionally, these scenes aren't so mundane, they take on a more paranormal or high strangeness aspect. (Like my flying over rocks and ocean and meeting up with a Sasquatch. . .)

Oregon author and psychic Nahu had interesting things to say to me about these experiences; that they're just typical psychic tapping into the grid. That's not how he put it; he said it more eloquently than that! He advised me to just let it be and go with it. I usually do but sometimes it's a bit scary and unnerving.

Not as often as I'd like but it's during these times that I'll have an OOBE; the scenes fade out and are replaced by rushing, roaring sounds, chimes, even singing, and I leave my body.

So last night I was in bed but awake. I was half listening to Coast to Coast. Steve Quale was the guest; he was talking about giants in the Grand Canyon, hidden history and artifacts. I wasn't paying much attention because of distractions in the house and I was ready to turn it off to go to sleep, just waiting for things to settle down in the house. I had just turned off the radio and immediately fell into that in between place, and I "fell" into a very deep and narrow canyon. And all around me were giant grasshoppers. By giant I mean ten feet tall. They were in a light sleep, or dormant state, in the rocks, the walls, of the canyon, and barely visible. They were well hidden and yet pale, almost translucent. They were a pale white, with a very slight green tinge, just a hint of color.  I didn't like it here one bit; the giant grasshoppers were bad enough, but the canyon itself was spooky. The canyon, the physical place itself of rock and earth and water, was a living, intelligent, cognizant entity, and as alien as any outer space being. (Or maybe we were/are the "aliens" on this earth.) Then I had the awareness that there's soemthing about the physical geography of canyons that make them generators, or conduits, for alien (both terra and extraterrestrial) entities. My mind then went to the canyon where the Bales brothers saw the giant triangle in Idaho. I'd never been to that location - never been to Idaho -- but somewhere, I was there. And it was as spooky as the grasshoppers, for the canyon itself was a living, breathing entity ancient and aware.

Like the deserts, where many mystical experiences occur, as well as the flying saucer related experiences of the Contactees, the land itself seems to be an active participant in UFO/craft and alien encounters.

I think I'm going somewhere with all this but not sure where yet.


Anonymous said...

Great post. I know exactly what you are saying here. For me when I see these moving pictures in that state, I often see faces that are clearly aware of my presence there (sometimes these faces are rather strange). I agree with you in regard to certain places. For me there has always been a strange attraction to the desert, which I never fully understood.

Red Pill Junkie said...

I too have experienced those sessions of... downloads, to borrow a term used by Dan over @ Luminosity.

When I was still working full hours at the office (long story) after I finished my lunch I used to go to my car at the parking lot for the remainder of my hour break. I would read a page or two of the book/magazine I carried with me, and then after feeling a sense of physical & mental exhaustion, spend around 15 minutes in which I would let my glasses off, and let my eyes and my mind take a break.

It was neither a true nap, because there was not enough time (and there used to be the usual noises of a parking lot), not a meditative practice per se, since I've never learned how to do that. I would just let my mind wander wherever it will, without the burden of questioning or compromise.

And that's when I used to have these slideshows. Like yours, they were completely unrelated, many times static images; and the most interesting thing about them is that, since I was inside my car at 4:00 pm (Mexico city time) and the sun would be just setting in front of me (but would be covered by the bulk of the building) there was enough light coming through my closed eyes to perceive these images in a reddish hue; almost as if they were being projected between the back of my head and the inside of my eyelids.

Atrueoriginall said...

Very interesting experiences Regan. I wish I could say I've never had such experiences or that they've stopped but unfortunately they continue today and still on a daily basis. The same thing we get in REM sleep I also get in a very awake state.

Here are just some of them that I've posted in my forum. The awake state visions all have tremendous meaning. The dreams do too but the visions are thorough because I'm definitely not asleep.

Awake State Visions
REM Sleep Dreams

Andrew D. Gable said...

I have similar things... not quite so vivid, but I'll often get flashes of imagery of various types while in the half-sleep state... they tend to make more sense than dreams, to be honest... a lot of the images and such that come up at this time seem to be of a technical nature, lots of almost mathematical information and images of formulae and realizations of other ways to go about things... it sounds stupid, but I play Dungeons and Dragons... I find that a lot of my best ideas in regards to that come out when I'm in this state.

Mike said...

"When I close my eyes I invariably observe first, a background of very dark and uniform blue, not unlike the sky on a clear but starless night. In a few seconds this field becomes animated with innumerable scintillating flakes of green, arranged in several layers and advancing towards me. Then there appears, to the right, a beautiful pattern of two systems of parallel and closely spaced lines, at right angles to one another, in all sorts of colors with yellow-green and gold predominating. Immediately thereafter the lines grow brighter and the whole is thickly sprinkled with dots of twinkling light. This picture moves slowly across the field of vision and in about ten seconds vanishes to the left, leaving behind a ground of rather unpleasant and inert Grey which quickly gives way to a billowy sea of clouds, seemingly trying to mold themselves in living shapes. It is curious that I cannot project a form into this grey until the second phase is reached. Every time, before falling asleep, images of persons or objects flit before my view. When I see them I know that I am about to lose consciousness. If they are absent and refuse to come it means a sleepless night. "

This above from Tesla's auto biographic notes. ---------------------- I never thought anyone did anything much different, so, I have ignored it most of my life.

I never thought anyone did anything much different, so, I have ignored it most of my life. So, now I am trying really hard to investigate this seeing with the eyes shut.

I do have a sad story to tell though.

I used to watch the people going by often when I couldn't sleep, particularly when i was suffering after a breakup.

Very occasionally a person would see me and often gesture wildly and shout (soundlessly) at me so i with drew. (don't know how)

A few months ago someone saw me and gestured for someone "off screen" a round tablet came into view with a smiley type face ---it wasn't "smiley" it scowled and moved off to my right. I had a drink of water and tried to "go back" but saw nothing.

The next night just before sleep I saw the "Tablet face" again and the damn thing sneered at me!!

I am considered boringly sane but suffer mild depression apart from that I am 68 years old and have both feet on the ground and am not enthusiastically embracing any religion.

Hope this finds you well and you find some interest,


Mike MacDonald