Friday, April 16, 2010

Making It Harder For Themselves: Skeptics Film Strange Lights

Lesley of The Debris Field and a blogger at UFO Mystic posted the following link: UFO Skeptics Film Strange Objects In The Powys Night Sky.

I was interested in (besides the lights themselves and the UADs in the area, of course) the skeptic angle on this.
And a UFO sceptic from Machynlleth has been left questioning whether such things do exist after filming unexplained orange lights in the sky.
Such things "do exist" these suchly things being UFOs, or, strange lights in the sky. What does the skepti-bunkie think terms like "unexplained lights" mean? People see weird lights and objects all the time, and yet, the pathological skeptics persist in their bewildering stance that UFOs don't exist. Intentionally confusing UFOs with aliens from space, skeptoids reject reports of UFOs as being anything interesting, and anything meaningful, let alone aliens.

So when confronted with proof UFOs exist, as in this case, where lights were photographed, the skeptic has to deal.
“I am a bit sceptical when it comes to things like UFOs and aliens but I would be interested in finding out what exactly I did film,” he concluded.
This is where skeptoids make it harder for themselves. UFOs doesn't mean alien, although my opinion is that aliens very likely do exist, but that's another topic. UFOs means Unidentified Flying Object, and it's both very funny as well as ridiculously frustrating that this is still being pointed out. Accepting that this skeptic doesn't  accept the idea of aliens, what is there not to accept about UFOs?! 

Who knows what these lights are; they could be anything. But the fact is, they're something. Forgeting aliens for a moment, let's assume the lights are from man made objects. Still UFOs, since we don't know what they are. Classified military technology? Private industrial craft; areospace technologies soon to be revealed? Shadow government experiments for sinister purposes? Mind control, weather control, social manipulation? Who knows? But it's something. We shouldn't be so
cavalier as to think unexplained lights in the sky are "just" weird lights, nothing to get excited about.

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