Saturday, April 10, 2010

Paratopia Interviews Phil Imbrogno

This is a great interview on Paratopia with Phil Imbrogno, which aired April 2nd. If you haven't heard it yet please listen. Just about everything Imbrogno says makes a lot of sense about UFOs and "high strangeness" among other things.  In many ways, what I and many others right now are saying, falls into much of what Imbrogno has to say. I still like the idea that parts of the UFO stuff are aliens from outer space in their fantastic flying machines, but that still leaves a vast amount of room for "Beyond UFOs, ta ta ta dum!" .... anyway. Take a listen. Here's the blurb from Paraptopia that I stole:
Paratopia Episode 61: Phil Imbrogno From The Edge

Paranormal investigator Phil Imbrogno is back to talk about his new book, Files From The Edge: A Paranormal Investigator’s Explorations Into High Strangeness. First, he explains why he left the slums of ufology for high strangeness pastures. This episode covers everything from ghosts to time distortions to djinn to UFOs to the people reporting them. This is an episode that validates our stance on ufology… and we didn’t even steer the conversation there.

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