Monday, April 26, 2010

Scary Cartoon - Triangle Dream

Last night's dream: my step-sister, who I haven't seen in a good ten years (true) visits me. We're so glad to see each other! There's another woman with her, about her age, a friend of hers. I'm sad her visit is going to be so short; just a couple of days. She's on her way to Tacoma, then down to Santa Cruz. (in reality, we all used to live in Santa Cruz and have family there; she currently lives in the Seattle area.)

We're in my house; this is one of my many dream-scapes. A large, older, rambling slightly dilapidated home, painted white, surrounded by a large, woodsy overgrown area. It's night; my sister insists we go outside on "an adventure." I don't want to but I want to spend time with her, so I go. There's a large concrete wading pool out there with stagnant water, and I slip into it. A weird looking man is around; he's responsible for this and it's funny, we all laugh, but it's also disturbing in some way but I shake it off.

We all stop and look up at the night sky. Almost directly above us, we see a black triangle. I can't believe it! I am very excited, and point, shouting: "Do you see that?! Look, look! How can you not see that?!" They look and see it, but almost turn away, in a strange state of apathy. But then they turn back and look up again. We all agree as to what we're seeing.

The triangle is black, with blue, white and red lights around the edges. The lights are big and round. To my surprise, the triangle abruptly changes shape; it's still a triangle, but becomes very chunky. It goes from a slim, large triangle to a small, very thick object. This is very disturbing to me; I become very scared. Something is not right about this thing at all! So many things occur to me at once: it's weird it changes from the "typical" triangle (large, thin, sleek,) to a wide, thick and small heavy dense thing, it's weird it's up there in the first place, it's weird it seems to be performing for us; waiting for us, and it's weird I see, yet again, another damn UFO. Who's going to believe me? I think, "how many UFOs do I need to see, why, and what's the point?"

 It's a man made object, as all the triangles are, * and yet. . . for some reason this is far more disturbing than aliens. And I also know that there are aliens involved in this somehow, even though the craft is "ours." In fact, we're suddenly aware of aliens right here, down here with us, right now. We just know, somehow, they came from the triangle, how, no idea, just know that they did. We can't see them, they're invisible, but we know they're here, just a few yards away from us. They're tall. How we know this without seeing them I don't know, I just know that we know. We really need to get the hell out of here. But we can't, we're frozen to the spot. We continue to watch the triangle.

 The changing shape of the triangle (from sleek and long to thick and small) is disturbing, in spite of the cartoon like smaller shape of the thing. Then a ridiculously silly thing happens; it sprouts a large, round antennae, with a revolving section on top. It's so 1950s! What kind of high tech, outer space from beyond, alien technology has something goofy like that? But as silly as it looks, as well as it being illogical, it's also scary. This thing is not acting right at all -- of course, the whole thing isn't right -- but behind this veneer of harmless, cartoon like appearance, is a very serious intent.

I can't escape the awareness that this thing is both man made and alien, and the object itself, while concurrently controlled by humans (as well as aliens?) is also sentient. The blending of human and alien is extremely disturbing.

Suddenly the triangle disappears. It doesn't move off at an alarming speed; it just, in the blink of an eye, flat out disappears. Gone. Or so we think; I then see three pinpoints of blinking lights, one at each corner of the triangle, which has now elongated back to its original large, thin size. The thing is still there, just camoflouged as part of the night sky. The three lights look like stars; if one wasn't paying much attention, the lights wouldn't be noticed.

The whole thing is very disturbing, very scary. I don't like one thing about this at all.

*I don't think the triangles are man made, I don't know. I have no idea; I go back and forth with the speculations. In the dream however, I had the knowledge that the triangles were man made, though aliens were still involved. Whether this is true or not, I have no idea.


Atrueoriginall said...

"It's so 1950s! What kind of high tech, outer space from beyond, alien technology has something goofy like that? "

It could be that such was used for your dream based on your Vintage UFO interests. So that would have meaning from that blog.

If your dream was delivered by that of another and not the product of your own mind's design - then that individual would be dwelling with you already and know about your interests in vintage ufo and alien paraphernalia.

I can read a lot into your dream but your dreams pertain to your own personal life so what I see may be based on my reality and not yours.

Check this page out sometime when you have time. I think it'll help you figure out your dream better. The main thing to always remember when trying to decipher such are the 'nouns' and what they mean to 'you' in your life and not worldly. The nouns can also be synonymous with something else so you have to look at one word at a time and think about it in your life.

Some things are timeless as is the following post I put together in my forum a few years ago.

Take a stab at reading your own dreams and here's how

Mike Clelland! said...


You've been posting dreams lately. I am asuming the dreams you are posting "feel" a certain way, and they are demanding your attention. Is that fair?

I feel strongly that dreams play a role in this oppressive weirdness. What that role is? I'm not sure, but they can "feel" so urgent.