Sunday, May 23, 2010

Update on Another Sky Spiral

 Update: As loathe as I am to give any positive nods towards the JREF forum, this thread is interesting... for what it's worth. 

Remember the blue Norway spiral that appeared in the skies in December? That one was said to be a Russian missile. Now this spiral, photographed by Steven Murray, is not quite as pretty or dramatic as the Norway spiral, (though it's still pretty dramatic!) appears in the skies of Western Canada.

Still, the Canadian spiral seems similar to the Norway one. The missile theory doesn't seem to hold up, as is pointed out in the Weather Space article cited here:
The only known areas to launch on the Western coast are the Vandenberg Air Force Base and Alaskan areas. Vandenberg confirms no launches and Kodiak Island has to be ruled out due to the direction of travel (from the west).

The photographs show a very similar shape and mysterious object off the coast of Canada. The object is not a missile as one photograph from the beach has the trajectory curving up! What is it?
According to Murray, he head a loud boom in the sky as well.

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Red Pill Junkie said...

That video looks fake.

I also can't find any Google news reference to any 'spiral' seen over Canada.