Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Interstellar Housewife on Colin Andrews

I've been processing what to write about Colin Andrews presentation, and, while I've commented here and there on aspects of the McMinnville conference overall, including some of Colin Andrews presentation, it isn't enough. Erik and Deirdre have each written moving accounts of their experiences listening to Andrews. While certainly their own experiences, I can say that they parallel mine in many ways.

Which is incredible, I think. We were all deeply affected by the presentation, and agreed with each other afterwards how intense it was, but we didn't talk specifics. Even Jim and I were kind of speechless afterwards; agreed that Andrews was beautiful and profound, but we couldn't seem to talk about it for a bit. Among other things, I am blown away by the shared intensity we all felt; myself, Jim, Erik and Deirdre.

Since at this moment the so-called reality layer of every day living takes the lead (as in, have to haul myself off to work) my response to Colin Andrews talk will have to wait. But please read Deirdre's account here.


Deirdre said...

Whatever happened, I'm happy to have experienced it in good company, my friend. =)

Erik said...

I wholeheartedly concurr. Still in a wash. Still nonceptual. Still...