Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Tiger Sized White Wolf Mind PostCard

I had another one of those "visions" or mind postcard experiences again last night. I wasn't asleep, not yet, but in bed, just about to drift off, but still awake, still aware of things in the room, etc.

As these mind postcards happen, the scene or okay, vision, what the hell, came on suddenly. Abruptly. From nowhere, suddenly I see a huge white wolf, the size of a tiger, or a lion. The wolf has a hint of dog, and at first, I think it is a dog but it is clearly a wolf. The wolf is almost completely white, it has a tinge of light gray around it's neck. I am right up to this wolf, about a foot away. The wolf is sitting in profile, sitting up. It's very relaxed and at the same time, extremely alert. It's facing west; to the (my) left. It's watching something intently, something off in the distance.

The wolf knows I'm here, knows very well I'm here. I know that the wolf is my protector, and a sort of guide. And while he -- and I have the strong knowledge it is a he -- means me no harm, he's not my buddy. I mean that he's not like a pet dog would be; we're not going to go running together playing chase the stick. I'm not afraid of "my" wolf, but I am careful. It's a good feeling to know he's here, or that I'm here, whereever here is, but it's also weird. This is really happening, for one thing. . .

Where we are, I don't know, in terms of place name. I don't recognize the place. It's very park like; the wolf is sitting on grass. All around me is grass, like a large park. Right behind wolf is a cyclone fence, painted black. Beyond that, semi-residential streets, cars, buildings, people. It's a city but none I recognize.

Then I get a little scared, as I often do when these "mind postcards" are so damn abruptly inserted in my head. As I've commented before, they're so vivid, real and I can even hear sounds, smell odors, feel textures...I am really there. But they're outside of me, meaning I just find myself in a place. I'm being shown something. The reality of these moments, along with the vividness and the suddeness, are alarming because... well, it's so werid. But, as I've also commented, these seem to be psychic visions, experiences, gifts, even.

I don't know that they're related to some aspect of UFOs, but I have a nagging sense that in some way, they are. Which brings up the intriguing speculations about a part of the UFO phenomena being inter-dimensional, multi-dimensional, symbiotic, or, much more than only "nuts and bolts."

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