Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Western Canadain Spiral: Hoax

In yet another hoaxing of UFOs, UAPs, and Forteana, the hoaxer behind the Canada spiral has stepped forward.

While the hoaxers do what they do for their own reasons, varying from just being silly and goofing off all the way to observing the reaction to their stunts as an indicators within cultures, the hoaxers themselves are objects of such consideration by some of us in the fringe world. Looking back at ya, in other words.

Kevin Martin, a California weather man, created the clip of a spiral appearing in the skies of Western Canada. All hoaxed, and as it turns out, he's done others.

This is what I find really interesting:
Martin credits himself as part of the 9/11 hoax development, in which was and still is an "experiment" on humanity he says.
Synchronicity: I was just reading my new issue of UFO Magazine, which arrived yesterday, and Lesley Gunter, in her Beyond the Dial column, discusses hoaxes and the reactions of UFO researchers to those hoaxes, which usually include outrage... I don't like hoaxes but at the same time I understand a few things. One, they're to be expected, it's the mirror reflection of what goes on within. Two, they're reminders to us be aware of gullibility, basic nuts and bolts stuff 101 (sometimes swamp gas is just swamp gas -- or someone's candle in a floating plastic bag) and so on. So I don't get so excited over hoaxes as some might.

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