Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Thought for the Day: Will Larry King Become a UFO Investigator?

Larry King has announced he is retiring; will he spend more time, and more openly (sans skekptoids) on UFO investigations?

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Anonymous said...

Well, from what Larry said the other night, it seems he'll do the occasional 'special' for CNN.

I was disappointed that he 'tapped' Ryan Seacrest (ack!) as his personal choice to replace him. Of course that doesn't mean it will be Seacrest, but geesh!

Larry might be working on reconciliation with his 8th wife. There's lots of family drama going on there and his sons are in their early teens now I think.

Also he hasn't been 'on the ball' completely for awhile. Last year, after Michael Jackson's death, Larry had on Miko Brando (a close friend of Jackson's). At the end of the interview Larry said to Miko - "Remember me to your father!". Well, Marlon Brando had been dead for a few years. Yikes!