Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Controlling Information: Colin Andrews on Conference Cancellation and the Future

Earlier today I posted a link to Colin Andrew's site, with a brief note on the cancellation of the Power Places International Crop Circle Conference. The conference was cancelled because, according to
Andrews, the conference coordinators refused to give in to the demands by researchers Michael Glickman and Gary King, who insisted Power Places directors dis-invite Colin Andrews, also scheduled to speak. Rather than acquiesce to Glickman's and King's ridiculous and arrogant demands, the decision was made to cancel altogether.  (Andrews linked to further commentary on his post; see here.

Andrews is both understanding and respectful of that decision, yet also understands what's at stake and who's responsible for the chilling reality that there are those on the inside -- our side -- as well as the expected outside, who would control information, and our ability to think for ourselves:
The public is treated as if they are no longer considered
worthy of receiving all points of view. Free thinking has
become a threat to easily led masses and many, from all
sides, are trying to control available information.
Andrews is not surprised that this happened however, and urges us to acknowledge these realities and then move on. At least, that's how I interpret his message; we are responsible for what can happen:
The situation we find ourselves in is not unexpected. It
fits perfectly into the discussion of “2012” and the
transitional period we are in. This is a time when old
structures of deceit and manipulation are failing.
Transformation into new and better structures for the
future is underway. What the future will look like
depends on what we create in the actions and decisions
we make today.  It depends on freedom of thought,
freedom of information and freedom of spirit. This is
what my research has been based on.
The point here, for me, is not whether one agrees with Andrews or anyone else; it's about access to information. There are those on the inside, let alone the outside of the fringes, who think nothing of making threats, behaving arrogantly and making demands in regards to information. That of course sends the clear message to the rest of us that we can't be trusted to think for ourselves. 

I've been commenting a lot here and there about the meme that UFOlogy is dead, and how it isn't dead at all. It's shifting, as all things are, within and without the esoteric world. The demands made by Glickman and King is just one more example of the shifts taking place in "fringe world." And while that may sound flippant, I will say, New Agey as it may be, that this is very important, and does affect, and will affect, all aspects of our world on many levels; from the mainstream to the anomalous.

I was surprised to hear that Glickman pulled this low brow stunt. I don't much of the crop circle research world or the researchers but from what I've seen of Glickman  -- primarily the Star Dreams DVD on crop circles -- he seemed above this kind of thing.

But, again, this isn't about agreement with this researcher or that, but the control of information, and, by natural extension, the control of "the people."  It's a pitiful reality we see this over and over in all categories of Fortean, paranormal -- call it what you will -- research. That, to me, is what "hurts" UFOlogy, or Bigfootology, or whatever -ology it is you're involved in. 

When I first heard Colin Andrews discuss his now famously misunderstood idea that most crop circles are "fake" I didn't want to hear it. I felt betrayed, and confused. But I listened. And found out Andrews isn't saying anything so simplistic at all --- far from it. Far from it. It seems to me that certainly fellow researchers would get that. I'll go so far as to say they do get it, and that's what makes their actions even more reprehensible.  I have no proof they do get it and are lying, simply my opinion. It's difficult to believe that researchers would be so lax in their awareness of what a Colin Andrews is doing and yet go so far as to demand he be removed from the presenter's list.


Bruce Duensing said...

On another level we have the Nobel Scientist Brian Josephson being disinvited to a physics conference due to his interest in the paranormal as well as another, who was also disinvited ( David Peat) for much the same reason, which I covered in my own blog. I predict this defensive posturing will get worse over time. I sent Billy Cox a link to a post I did on the scientific establishment on this subject, which I believe requires one to follow the money trail in terms of who funds what research as well as what Cox termed "the short leash" accademics are held in check by. Great post on a very important topic. Kudos.

Regan Lee said...

Thank you Bruce.

dia sobin said...

Hmmm... ever notice there's a vague sort of synchronicity between going on between the various "paranormal" blog posts... we might consider it one of our strengths!

Thanks, Regan, for the info.

And, thank you, Bruce... I didn't know about the exclusion of F. David Peat from the physics conference - but it's a prime example of the scientific hypocrisy afforded to scientists like Rupert Sheldrake as well. Oddly enough, I just finished a group of posts on Post-Mac Blues in which I quote Peat often, so I'd like to do a follow-up post citing this bogus conference, and including a link to your blog post, if you can post that particular link for me somewhere. Much appreciated...

Regan Lee said...

dia, you're welcome, and you're right I think, about synchronicity!

Bruce Duensing said...

Here is the link


dia sobin said...

Thanks Bruce, But that particular link was found and the post is up. What I meant is a link to your own blog post! Sorry, maybe I misunderstood. Anyway, here's a link to my afore-mentioned post:

And thanks, Regan!
I'm glad you understood what I was trying to say with that glaring typo! (don't you just hate making frickin' comments you can't correct)?
Speaking of which, I have just added a reply in the comment section of the above post that might interest you!

dia sobin said...

Regan - update: I pulled my initial reply comment previously mentioned. I decided it was inappropriate and possibly offensive to those I have no real intention of offending... Sometimes angst gets the best of us - happily, we have the chance to reconsider!