Friday, July 16, 2010

Everybody's Talking China UFO

Latest UFO sighting to make the international and mainstream rounds: the China UFO.

There's this:

Which some uberskeptics on JREF said was a long exposure shot of an airplane.

And this U.S. ABC mainstream news clip:

Here's a clip of two UFO sightings in China; one which looks to be a missile launch:

Here's a longer clip of the missile; which the person who put this together believes it to be:

No doubt.
Likely the other UFO is also a man made weapon/craft of some kind, in my opinion. A lot of sleight of hand has been going on in various nations, including our own, concerning objects in the skies. Nothing new there of course. Just seems busier than usual lately.


terry the censor said...

Kento Mori has pulled together the relevant criticisms that explain and identify the pictures and correctly identifies the source of the missile video. Totally convincing.

(BTW, your second and third embeds are the same video.)

Anonymous said...

Whatever it is, I was impressed that ABC News did a straight-faced report on it. Usually, if anything is mentioned regarding a ufo, on any major news broadcast (or cable), the anchors go tee-hee or give a smarmy grin.