Friday, July 23, 2010

Ghost on the Stairs?

The two photos are ones I took yesterday of a stairway in a haunted house. The family has lived in this house for years, and just about everyone in the large family, as well as visitors, has experienced something along the haunting variety.

A few years ago, I was on this stairway, walking up towards the door, when I suddenly felt "zapped" like a strong volt of electricity went through me. It was the oddest feeling; I felt very hot, very tingling. I didn't know then that this spot was a particularly active one in the house. I continued into the room, where, after sitting there a few moments, talking with the then occupant of the room, I saw a large swirling white "mist" but thicker, more solid (some have told me since it sounded like it was ectoplasm) start to form. It continued like this, above and behind the person I was talking to until I left about a half hour later.

I didn't go into the room yesterday, (occupant was sleeping)  just took a couple of pics, and saw the ghostly form on the stairs after I uploaded the images. I was hoping to feel that vivid electrical feeling again but didn't feel anything so dramatic. To my surprise I did feel a short burst of coldness at one spot.

There are many different entities in this house. One is a spirit that seems to be interactive. One family member was outside when she heard a male voice say "The water needs changing" meaning, the horse trough needed to be changed, which, when she checked, she found to be the case. She turned around and saw a tall man in a dark duster, or long trench coat type thing, with a cowboy hat. Others in the family have seen this being as well. Suddenly I felt that "buzzy" feeling I get around ghosts; I couldn't see but I could feel him there. I knew he was there with us, just kind of checking in.

The entire road is haunted; stories of other houses with general weirdness, lore about the end of the road and strange goings-ons involving anthropology students abandoning a project in that spot due to ghostly encounters, a haunted cemetery at the top of the road, Native American hunting grounds . . . as to the cemetery, I've been there twice, once during the day, once at night. Both times  I felt very uncomfortable. In fact I admit at night, and I was just in my car, I was pretty horrified and didn't like it one bit. Even during the day it was a bad feeling, particularly in one spot. Jim felt it as well.

I noticed for the first time there are power lines near the top of the road on the road before turning off onto the "haunted" road. I couldn't stop to take a picture of them but I'll try to go back and do so.

I've often commented that I know I have mediumistic abilities; I've never chosen, for whatever reason, to develop. Maybe I'm scared, or just lazy.

Last night I was having some weird and uncomfortable things happen. I call them "psychic postcards" quick images of people and scenes. But last night was a little different; it was one person, just his face and shoulders, and he kept coming. He was in his late thrities, bald, a light blue long sleeved shirt, and very pale. Not a good person. Usually when I open my eyes then close them again they go away, or if I just figuratively shake my head -- my mind -- it goes away. He wouldn't go away. He was not a nice person, he was a creep, dangerous. I knew that if I kept going I would find out more, who he was, where, what he was doing. I didn't want to know.


Bruce Duensing said...

I have had that "postcard" thing too..I fought it off as they were always random. One night I saw a very elegantly corrupt face that was also experienced by a female friend in the same manner in Australia, who shortly thereafter went to a notorious cemetery in Edinburgh where her life thereafter became a living hell with a great deal of poltergeist activity that followed her home and went so far as to extend to her ex husband,( a police detective) and mother. She looked up the image associated with who was buried there upon her return. It was a match on both counts. Thanks but no thanks.

terry the censor said...

My first thought is, it's just a reflection off the door. Do you have a picture without the "ghost" for comparison? That would make the ghost effect more apparent.

Regan Lee said...

I took a photo of the staircase a few years ago, you can see it here


terry the censor said...

Thanks for the link. This helps.

So, when the stairwell light near the door is on (above), we see a ghost near the door. When the stairwell light is off (link), we don't see a ghost.

I'm not saying anything against your experience of the electrical shocks, understand. But you can appreciate how a person who wasn't there and only knows the posted pictures might feel the ghost images are problematic.

Regan Lee said...

The "occupant" himself thinks this is "bullshit" as he put it; merely reflections of light, stains/markings of the door, and blurred images. And of course, who knows, -- while I, as well as many others, have seen, heard and felt activity in that house I don't think anyone's captured anything on camera. I find the juxtapositions and contradictions interesting; on the one hand activity, not only in that house but the whole area, and the tricks of light and mind games that enter our consciousness when we find ourselves in these situations. (The image does look like a figure however, further tricking trickster stuff :)

Anonymous said...

I know you want to preserve the privacy of the occupants, but roughly where-abouts is this "area of weirdness?"