Friday, August 6, 2010

Earthquake and Dream Synchronicity, or Precognition?

I wrote up a dream I had last night (posted on my blog Frame 352) about looking at property for sale in "Wyoming-Idaho," which had moved itself to my part of western Oregon. In the dream I told the man that there is no such thing as "Wyoming-Idaho," and that Wyoming is not in Oregon. Things had shifted and I didn't like it. There was also a goofy man who appeared in a grey Bigfoot suit.

I just checked the earthquake site, and see that Wyoming had a 4.8 earthquake on August 5th around 5:00 pm Pacific time.

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Mike Clelland! said...


Hey - I live right on the Wyoming-Idaho border!

And two days ago, I felt an earthquake, right here in my little cabin!

I am in Idaho, looking out my window at Wyoming. (our little valley is lovingly called Wydaho)