Saturday, August 21, 2010

Follow-up on 'Anxiety 101 Or Level of Unveiling'

The other day I talked about a dream I had that seemed like a typical anxiety ridden dream about work and health: Anxiety 101 Or Level Of Unveiling.

But underneath the obvious text book themes and motifs of work and health related anxieties running through the dream was another level; eerie moments that jumped out at me as I was thinking about the dream the next day. As I described in the previous post; these elements mirror my "Geisha woman/alien" dream of being separated from Jim, both of us in situations out of our control, a dark haired womanin an official, authoritative capacity taking me away, and my dress. I was wearing a dress in that dream; a dress that kept falling down, exposing me. Naturally upset by this and hoping no one would see me I had to keep holding the top of the dress up. The dress in the dream was this very same dress seen in this photograph:

This photo was taken during the time we saw the orange orb and had our missing time experience, in front of the house on Friendly St. Of course, this is where things get very interesting, and damn frustrating. Because to this day, we cannot agree on something: I insist, I know, we were living in that house when we saw the orange orb. Jim insists, -- he knows -- we were not, that this happened before we moved there. We do agree we were going out to a friend's home in Cottage Grove when we saw the orb and, that there was missing time on the way back. We don't agree on the rest of the experience, including where we were living at the time.

These mixed-up memories came out, and a lot more, during our podcast appearance on Bill and Nancy Birnes Future Theater, which revealed a lot of surprising elements around our UFO sightings and experiences.

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