Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Orange Orb Turns Into "Fake Plane"

Woman films an orange orb that she says turns into a "fake plane" -- comments that follow this YouTube clip are interesting; one man comments he's seen the same thing.

I couldn't tell if the orange orb turned into something else; but it is an interesting clip. The color and shape of the orb in this video is very much like what Jim and I saw; but we also saw it much closer and larger, it didn't seem to be rotating or spinning in place, and we didn't see it turn into anything.

As with all reports of orange orbs/lights, just because they're orange doesn't mean they're the same thing, or even close. (Or, not!:)

This last one though is the most interesting, to me. An small sphere is in the trees, hanging around for awhile, getting brighter as they emit a strong strobe like light while stationary in the trees.

The woman who filmed this comments that the orbs morph into "fake" planes with fake plane sounds (sometimes getting it wrong, like a train sound pretending to be a plane sound) but a thought occurred to me as I was watching these clips. If these objects are trying to disguise themselves, why be obvious by being so damn bright? It's very odd to see mega-bright objects just sitting in trees at night; that would get my attention. After a bit, the ball of light moves, taking off, strobing as it goes. There are orbs like this in the clip as well, doing the same thing.

Her interpretation is that these are aliens. And, they might be, who knows. Something makes her sure they are; but I can't speak to that. They very well could be ours as well.

Speaking of bright lights and morphing craft, years ago I saw, with other witnesses, a bright white round light come bopping from out over the hills to in front of the large picture window of the house I was visiting. With the naked eye, it looked like a white light. Through binoculars, it changed both shape -- in a steady pattern, like 1-2-3-4 and back again -- as well as color. Triangle, square, rectangle, diamond shape, red, green, turquoise, -- very distinct, very considered, very precise. Nothing at all to do with a scintillation effect. Very well could be a man made craft, and seems like it but there is a high strangeness component to the sighting. I knew we were going to see a UFO that night, I felt it... and later, observed the hostess kept looking out the window. I knew she was watching a UFO, even though I couldn't see a thing from where I was sitting. I wondered how long was she going to keep it to herself, finally, after twenty minutes, maybe a half hour, she announced to the rest of us that we had to come look and see the UFO. We all went to the upstairs window to get a better look. That bit of psychic stuff has always bothered me.

And, there was the telepathic moment with the orange orb I saw many years ago; knowing it was waiting for me, knowing it "heard" my thoughts and responded to them.


Bruce Duensing said...

I have followed your enquiry into this experience for some time, and I can't help but think that the orange orb you encountered was an effect of a possible object rather than the object itself which suggests to me a very high voltage static discharge. The orange spectrum of visible light originating from electromagnetic radiation is just below the shift to red at around 590 - 625. which arises from it's wavelength in frequency, which then can be converted to Hz. and musical tones which runs from the note G which then can be further determined by more specific colors such as red-orange, yellow orange.. The orb may be due to St Elmo's Fire, which is a plasma, somewhat related to Ball lightning and it takes about 30,000 volts per centimeter of space to start a "fire" and it's color spectrum depends on the geometry of the object it contacts. It is also associated with a buzzing or hissing sound as well as sparks and a flaming appearance. What would be interesting to know is the weather at the time, the distance between you and the orb, it's movement etc., and the shape of any object if any it came in contact with..

Regan Lee said...

Bruce, the orb was an object, not a blob of light, or an orb like a ghost orb... it did not emit sparks or flames, it appeared to be lit from within, it moved -- and stopped --- with purpose.. it was solid... it didn't change or shift shape, or even size, really, except for it "zooming" -- there were no sounds coming from the object but, we were on a motorcyle and so it's not accurate to say, since we couldn't hear anyway

It's possible it was some kind of plasma thing, meaning, related, as part plasma part machine, or intelligently controlled and manipulated...

The weather; very warm as I recall, not too hot but definitely warm, even at night, in the afternoon, on our way out and as we were waiting for our friend, sunny, warm but very breezy, I remember watching the trees swayiing in the wind.

It is interesting about the musical notes and colors.

I think there's a possible in between place for this --- object,yes, more than "just" a light, a gas, but perhaps utilizing those things...

I'd like to hear your thoughts Bruce on how your ideas explain the aftermath: the missing time, etc. Would it be some effect on the brain, for example...? etc.

Bruce Duensing said...

When I wrote "an effect of a possible object rather than the object itself" I meant that the object was interpreted by the range of your senses, which has a certain set range that can be possibly be cross indexed to determine some of it's characteristics as color was one indication of it's field which surrounded it. That is why I asked you these questions to rule out certain things, to determine if there was what is called a coronal discharge. It is unfortunate about the motorcycle interference. I assume the engine remained operational, which tells us several other things, one of which was the vehicle's electrical system was not disrupted, and not being shielded, which means that it's field may have been self contained in a membrane that was interacting with another force, rather than the commonly reported effects of plasmas wherein the magnetic fields interact to disrupt communications quality, stop electrical equipment and in extreme cases, can even damage equipment. When you say it glowed from within then I have to ask, how could you tell the inside from the outside of this sphere? When you say it was intelligently controlled, why do you say that? Did anything unusual or out of place no matter how insignificant they may be, occur before this sighting in your life, either in weeks or days, not beyond one month?

Regan Lee said...

It is odd that, even after seeing such a strange thing as the orb, we didn't stop, get off, and look. But, we didn't. Typical counter intuitive response to a sighting. . .

As to the glow, ... it appeared that, it was a solid object but transparent or semi-opaque, or that the light inside of it was in the center was a bit brighter, like if a candle were inside a glass jar, ... of course, that's how it seemed, I have no idea if that was what it was.

The experiences... piecing this together, I wonder if so many events weren't a part of it before, but, after, certainly... as I've described.. more to come, ... thanks Bruce!

terry the censor said...

> If these objects are trying to disguise themselves, why be obvious by being so damn bright?

Some excellent questions from Regan about this bogus fake plane phenomenon. I'll just add a few thoughts.

video 1: Woman records a very small light; the object soon becomes larger and now has multiple airplane lights. The Pittsburg-Monroeville Airport is about six miles from where this woman is recording. Mystery solved. (I don't know the name of this illusion, but I see it every night while waiting for a streetcar. In the distance, it appears to have one bright headlight; when it gets close, only then can I see there is a small headlight on each side of the centre headlight.) To be fair to this woman, I've seen many youtube "fake plane" videos that dispense with the orb completely and consist only of plane footage. (I can't imagine a less-convincing piece of evidence.)

Video 3: Murrysville, Pennsylvania, is in a direct line between the Pittsburg-Monroeville Airport and the Pittsburg Boquet Airpark, which are about eight miles apart. Is it really persuasive to assert none (or very few, anyway) of those lights are planes?

Red Pill Junkie said...

The first and last clips are very interesting.

In Nick's (Redfern) latest book —in which you know you participated, congrats!— he seems to conclude [SPOILER ALERT] that much of the fringe phenomena associated with the Contactee movement was the result of interactions between humans and a primeval non-organic plasma life forms —the so-called "Ghost lights"— that may be endowed with sentience. These plasma life forms then go and induce hallucinations by affecting the witness' temporal lobe and creating an hypanogic state.

It's an elegant idea; but then, since videocameras are devoid of temporal lobes, I fail to see how the orbs could induce them to "hallucinate" the morphing of a plane!

Maybe these are sentient beings of some sort. And their morphing antics are not a deceptive maneuverer, but an attempt of communication —like a bird watcher imitating the sounds of a duck to provoke a response... or a parrot mimicking the voice of his owner.

terry the censor said...


Don't worry, I'm at page 194, not quite at the ghost lights bit, and you didn't spoil anything. (Just don't mention the alien-dinosaur hybrid programme!)

> since videocameras are devoid of temporal lobes...

Excellent point. I'm sure Nick will note that in the revised edition.

> their morphing antics attempt of communication

I can confirm that some youtube posters believe this. The problem with the idea is, the presentation of the object depends on one's relative position. It will look different depending on where you are. So the duck call analogy doesn't quite work. Consequent to that, one can't assume a light in the sky is communicating to a specific person when that light can be seen by people 360 degrees around.

But the youtube posters seem to have no such qualms. One chap was clicking a laser pointer at an orb, then jiggled his camera a bit, and concluded the orb had briefly "swooped" down in response. I suggested this was not persuasive -- so he blocked me from his channel. (You know, so as not to have his channel contaminated by CIA disinformation agents.)

Red Pill Junkie said...

Hey, Terri

"Consequent to that, one can't assume a light in the sky is communicating to a specific person when that light can be seen by people 360 degrees around."

Good point, but what I was thinking with this "attempt to communicate" speculation necessarily imply a "one-on-one" exchange; not with the human witnesses anyway.

Trying to get rid of all preconceptions, and assuming these are some sort of sentient entities who have been here for an indeterminate amount of time —they might have been here forever, as Nick suggests, or they could very well be newcomers*, nobody knows— maybe this morphing is the result of a Pavlovian response to the environment.

Imagine you're a blob of plasma flying around in the sky; being airborne you get to have an awful amount of time detecting other beings that share the sky with you, but are not like you. These strange beings produce all kind of weird noises and intermittent lights, so maybe in trying to establish some sort of interaction with them, you start by imitating their shape and behavior —or maybe you're afraid of them because they are bigger than you, so you want to "pass by" undetected.

So, I guess what I'm trying to suggest here —just for the hell of it ;)— is that maybe these orbs are not trying to communicate with those people filming them at night; they might be trying to communicate with the airplanes! :-D

Yes, I know it sounds really stupid, but think about it for a minute: if we were visiting an alien world and found it thriving with all kinds of weird life forms, the first thing we'd try to do is communicate with those life forms that are more similar to us —we would be looking for the closest thing to a primate before trying to chat with a jellyfish-kind of critter ;)

I'm not saying my theory is correct; I'm just saying that at this point we cannot afford to discard exploring any possibility.

Red Pill Junkie said...

(*)(*)Even if they are not newcomers, since orbs-type phenomena have been reported throughout different ages (which could even have all different origins and explanations), one should not assume that a non-organic life form would keep a track of time the same as we do. So maybe they are truly ancient, but live in some form of "perpetual now", or their level of sentience is completely different from ours —not above or below necessarily, but "diagonally" different as Greg (Bishop) is so fond of saying.

Red Pill Junkie said...

[Um, it seems the first segment of my comment was lost in the ether, oh well...]

Terry, what I meant to respond is that this idea of "communication" might not be necessarily directed towards those people filming these morphing orbs.

Assuming for instance that these manifestations are some sort of plasma life form endowed with some level of sentience, and that has been around here for an indeterminate amount of time —they might have been her forever, or be newcomers (*: this is where I wanted to add the addendum posted above) we just don't know for sure— if this is indeed a form of rudimentary communication, maybe it's the end result of a Pavlovian respond to the environment.

Imagine you're a blob of plasma living in the atmosphere; and in your wanderings you encounter other strange life forms sharing the air with you —bigger than you, and emitting all kind of weird noises and lights. Maybe you try establish contact by imitating them as best you can —or maybe you're just afraid and try to "blend in", the way insects use camouflage in nature.

What I'm trying to say here, is that *maybe* these orbs are not trying to communicate with the humans filming them... but with our airplanes! ;)

It may sound stupid, but think about it: if we were exploring an alien world filled with all sorts of strange organisms, we would first try to communicate with the ones more similar to us —first we'll be searching for the closest thing to a primate, before risking a chat with a jellyfish-type of critter :-P

I'm not saying I'm right about this. What I'm saying is that at this point we can't afford to discard any possibility.

terry the censor said...

> they might be trying to communicate with the airplanes!

That's a very coherent idea. And it has a naturalistic appeal; that is, we can explain it using known physical phenomena. I would suggest your scenario doesn't even require sentience, merely a reaction to the environment. A perhaps oversimple example: mirrors don't decide what image to reflect -- or not to reflect. They are passive and strictly bound, as magical as their "ability" might seem. An energy anomaly could in theory be influenced by nearby energy patterns (airplane lights), though a proper explanation is beyond my knowledge. (I still treat electricity as if it were magic, mainly because it can zap me.)

I think my previous explanation is more likely regarding the youtubers' "fake planes," but for the wider world of UFO reports, your idea is very appealing (and suggests we need to proceed with some modesty when we presume to explain difficult cases).

terry the censor said...


The woman who uplaoded the three videos, Alison Kruse (AKA, seeingUFOsPA) has been thoroughly debunked by her neighbour.

Also, I just found out I am blocked from commenting on her channel! I don't recall saying anything more than "planes" some months ago, but I guess that was enough. I clicked around; she has a record for purging all dissent from her channels.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Thanks for the update, Terry!

Although I'm not so certain this goes to debunk some of Alison's more interesting clips —like the ones showing the lights hiding between the trees and rising— it is important nonetheless to keep this in mind.

Also, the fact that she censored you in her channel does not help her credibility —not to mention it's highly ironic, ain't it, censor guy? ;)

terry the censor said...

> lights hiding between the trees and rising

I believe the video covers that.

> highly ironic, ain't it, censor guy?

I think of myself more like a Roman censor -- a judge who makes a list and roams the commons, noting who is naughty and nice. (And making jokes when I can. I made a good one, I think, about remote reviewers and lost remote controls. Anyway...)

This personality amused me because the notion of suppressing info on the internet was so absurd. Naively, I thought the handle would be seen as comical because it couldn't be real. Well, that shows you how net-savvy I was!

This medium of free thought and expression hosts an awful lot of Stalinists.

Red Pill Junkie said...

>"I believe the video covers that."

I confess I didn't see the video in its entirety the 1st time —memo to the interwebz denizens: just because the Youtube lets you post a 10-minute long clip, doesn't mean you SHOULD— but now that I've seen it all, I see that what this guy films is very similar... but not entirely exact to the other videos. It remains the most logical explanation at this moment, though.

>"I think of myself more like a Roman censor -- a judge who makes a list and roams the commons, noting who is naughty and nice."

LOL ditto here! I consider myself a student, not only of the paranormal phenomena, but also the people that investigate them for a living ;)

terry the censor said...

> just because the Youtube lets you post a 10-minute long clip, doesn't mean you SHOULD

I second that!

J said...

Get a tri-pod for your camera !!

Also, show same location in day time, as what you recorded at night.. secure camera in one spot and rotate if needed. Two cameras work best. If in fact its "happening" all the time you should have other witnesses to support these sightings.