Monday, August 16, 2010

A Small Moment: Finding My Watch

Yesterday I realized my watch was missing. One of them; I have several. After all, as I told Jim the other day, watches are more than just time keeping objects if you're a girl. They're accessories. Anyway, my cheap treasure find ($3.00, at Target, clearance rack) gold colored watch was missing. I had no idea where it was, with me, it could be anywhere. Anywhere. In a purse, the car,  or ... who knows. I pictured the watch in my mind; and thought to myself, "Well, I'll try using the dowsing rods, I've had success with finding lost items using them, so I'll guess I'll try it tomorrow."

Later last night, I was in the bedroom watching True Blood. That's my guilty pleasure; Jim stays out in the living room (can't blame him, especially this season) and I settle in, just me, the flat screen and True Blood. So I manage to drop the remote out of my hand, and in between the bed and my nightstand. Which annoyed me, since it is an extremely skinny space; between the bed and nightstand; I could barely get my hand down there. I'm peering down, and see, to my surprise, the watch! There it was, on the floor, in between the bed and the nightstand. Obviously I had taken the watch off and put in on my table and it fell off; but I never would have thought to look under the bed for my watch.


terry the censor said...

> I manage to drop the remote out of my hand

This brings a question to mind:

Do remote viewers ever look for lost remotes?

(And did someone think of this joke before I did?)

Red Pill Junkie said...

Remotes: Dowsing rods of the XXIst century ;)

PS: 20 years without wearing one. It will probably get me killed if I get robbed one of these days...