Sunday, August 8, 2010

"They're on the Moon"


An amazing experience last night, being interviewed by Nancy and Bill Birnes on Future Theater. Both Jim and myself were the guests, and I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed this experience! We both felt as if we'd known Nancy and Bill for years. The discussion was very ... intense. Among the areas discussed, was family history of the UFO kind. I think it was Bill, maybe it was Nancy, who asked me if anyone in my family had shared weird experiences of their own with me. I said no.

But, and I didn't think of this at the time, I realized this morning that there is an interesting history of anomalous events, experiences and thoughts among family members. For example, while neither of my parents had encounters with aliens (that I ever heard about, and I feel confident in saying they would have shared with me if they had) my mother did see a flying saucer when I was about ten years old. I've written about that in other places. Briefly, mom's out on the porch after dinner (this in L.A.) she excitedly calls out to us that there's a "space ship" above the two story four commplex across the street, siblings say "Yeah, sure mom," but I go out. By that time the UFO had gone. My mother was very disappointed, insisting she saw what she saw. I said, "Don't worry mom, it'll be back, they always come back."

With all of my weird experiences, both my parents (my father is deceased) have been open. My mother's usual response to my experiences and ideas is that it's all very "interesting." Some things she's not so sure about; like Bigfoot's existence. But at least she's never called my sanity into question.

I forgot about something my mother has always insisted, or I would have mentioned it last night. For whatever reasons, ever since I was a little kid, my mother has said that she believes there are beings, or aliens, living on the moon. She says this with a matter of fact assurance and confidence that leaves no room for argument. Now and then, through the years, she's said somewhat random things like (paraphrasing) "There are things out there we know nothing about," "There are beings on the moon, and Mars, too..." and so on.

And speaking of beings living in the moon, I wrote a children's story when Jim and I were living on Curson in West Hollywood, where we had our first missing time episode. That story was about animal characters, pigs and rabbits, who lived inside the moon.

Other related family experiences: one of my siblings has always had a paranormal life; has clairvoyant abilities, has seen ghosts, etc. My uncle and his family saw a UFO in the desert. It was a classic sounding flying saucer in the desert story: late 1950s, huge bright white light following them, zooming above their car, then taking off, they're in the middle of nowhere. And talking about shared experiences and connections: Jim's cousin also had that experience, driving through the Arizona desert in the mid-1960s. (Jim is making it very clear as I'm writing this that this cousin was "of the skeptic kind," not a "hippie" and clearly "not smoking dope," -- he was a serious student and actually kind of a humorless kind of person.) Concerning Jim's other cousin and his family, we've all seen UFOs while together, which I've written about.

So our experiences --Jim's and mine -- go back to childhood, before we met. They've continued to this day. And in both families, UFO related events and connections have occurred.

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