Friday, August 13, 2010

When Skeptics See UFOs

A report of a black triangle sighting by a "skeptic" in Washington, as reported to MUFON. MUFON investigator James Clarkson is looking into the sighting. Read more here.

Similar to the triangle I saw so many years ago in Dexter, Oregon, including this part about the craft blocking out stars:
 ...stars were blocked out in the middle of the assumed formation, which led me to believe it was a ufo. Upon some research, it would appear that this "black triangle" ufo is a common sight. However, most sightings include a large light in the center of the object. This is not the case in my sighting.
Stars were blocked out in the one I saw as well. And the triangle I saw did not have any lights in the middle, or, at it's points either, but the object was a shade darker than the surrounding sky in a triangle shape.
Despite seeing this, I still don't believe in Aliens. But I remember thinking that I should not be seeing the object at all, because of my strong belief that extraterrestrials don't exist. I tried to rationalize it by thinking it may have been 3 airplanes in a close formation.
Interesting comment; "...I should not be seeing the object at all . . ."  there is something very disconcerting about seeing of these things. And: " . . .because of my strong belief that extraterrestrials don't exist." Interesting he acknowledges it's a belief they don't exist; none of us know either way, including myself, although I "believe" they do exist. Regardless, no one knows if the triangles, or any UFO, belong to extraterrestrials or not. I have no idea who, or what, is behind the triangles, but I do know they exist. It's been a puzzle for decades; who is behind the triangles? Military, shadow government, private industry, some combination, aliens, -- some combination, again -- we don't know.

An interesting matter of fact UFO report from someone who appears to be a true skeptic, and not a debunker skepti-bunkie, nor a true believer in ET space brothers.

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Red Pill Junkie said...

It's indeed an interesting comment, because among Fortean groups it's very common to find the argument that with paranormal phenomena you need to have a pre-emptive open disposition before experiencing them—"believing to see" rather than "seeing to believe".

At least it's a good step in the right direction for a skeptic to acknowledge the existence of UFOs —even if their origin is still a matter of debate. That is exactly the common ground the skeptics and believers need to find.