Monday, September 27, 2010

Stop Owls, Stop!

So much owl synchronicity, that I'm wondering if it's a symbiotic kind of thing: they notice me notice them and we both make them appear. I'm also a bit nervous; things are strange and wobbly right now in my personal life and I'm trying to stay positive and create the good energy dance, but sometimes it feels like I'm on a tightrope in the dark. Owls are ill omens in some cultures; in many Native American tribes, for example.

I just wrote up my Trickster's Realm column last night for Tim at Binnall of America about all this owl synchronicity. It should be up sometime this week, possibly today. And not five minutes before I started working on it, I had stopped playing my mindless Farmville game on Facebook, where I won a prize: an owl statue for my little pretend farm garden.

After the article was finished and sent off, I was finally getting around to reading the Sunday paper, and the detetive comic (for kids, but I read it, I read it all, lol) had an owl as the suspect in the "crime."

So I'm putting this out there: I'm tired of Owl, and I think we got the message, now I'm ready for something more positive.


Red Pill Junkie said...

So you're not going to see that Ga'Hoole movie then, eh? ;)

Regan Lee said...

Yeah,then there's that. Actually, I kind of would like to see it. Right now, I'm putting it on hold though.

Mike Clelland! said...


Don't worry that the owl is negative, that is too simple an answer. Owls are beautiful.

Question - Have you seen any real owls? I live in a rural place with plenty of owls, so i tend to ignore owl t-shirts and only focus on the ones that I see in the wild.

I am not sure what it might mean for you. Synchronicities seem to mean two things, at least to me.

1. Pay Attention!

2. Follow this clue!

Regan Lee said...

Owls are beautiful! I've seen lots of owls in nature, and a few in daytime as well. And of course, in captivity.

I was feeling grumpy and vulnerable when I wrote that; a bit unnerved and well, just pissed off.
I agree synchronicity is saying "pay attention!" and "follow this clue" also a confirmation that there's a lot more going on around us, and right in front of us, than we allow ourselves to acknowledge. some days I don't feel like playing though . . .