Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Raymond Fowler Comments on UFO Magazine's Woods/Jacobs Stories

I commented in the previous post about Jeremy Vaeni's excellent article concerning Emma Woods and David Jacobs in the current issue of UFO Magazine. In that post I wrote how discouraging it is to find that few in UFO Land and research have responded to this episode, and how, it seems, when such response is given, it's usually a knee-jerk, protective response to Jacobs, and often a dismal and slightly bewildering/scary misogynistic reaction to Woods.

But there are some in the UFO culture who aren't afraid to be vocal. One of them is from researcher (and experiencer himself) Raymond Fowler, who shared his comments about the Vaeni article for UFO Magazine's blog. (Comment from Raymond Fowler on the Emma Woods article) In that piece, Fowler wrote:
I found it incredible that he actually believed that his [David Jacobs] life was in danger from the very entities that he may have created himself. ...  Rather than conforming to the so-called party line critics  should at least be open to the possibility that Emma is telling the truth and be willing to examine both sides of the question objectively. ...Thus far (based on the contents of the article) I am disappointed in the way Jacobs and reportedly how Hopkins have reacted.

Good for Fowler for those comments which you can read on the UFO Magazine blog.

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness! Raymond Fowler is retired from active investigations, so he certainly did not have to even comment. I think he's a class act for standing with truth against power (the status quo).

I think Fowler's richly detailed books are the best. His own ideas about ufos and aliens evolved over the years and he had no problem writing about his changing opinions, his own experiences or simply stating that he had no answer to the big question of what 'they' are. He's kept his ego in check, unlike some others in the field.

~ Susan