Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Green Window Returns. . .

I don't know what is happening, or why, but I had the same OBE experience last night I had the other night, and wrote about here.

Last night, it happened again. Felt that rushing OBE feeling, the feeling of being pulled from my feet, and the image of a green window with a tall humanoid figure inside. This time, the window came into view very quickly, very suddenly, looming large, and it arrived in a swirling mass of colors. I say the window was green; meaning, it had a soft glowing lime green color, as if the interior of whatever it was the window was attached to, was lit by a green light.

I couldn't make out the features on the face of the being standing in the window; but I got the sense it was tall. I don't know if it was a "gray" or what; maybe related somehow but I didn't get the impression it was, not completely anyway. It was also wearing clothing, or at least I had that impression.

As soon as I "saw" that window, I resisted, and knew I didn't want any part of this. I managed to break out of this and snap back into my body.

I used to have OBE's frequently, especially as a child. Now I get them a few times a year. I rarely get them together like this; where I'll have two in the same week.

Other things of an odd nature that have been happening may or may not be connected to this. I've been thinking of things and then they happen. For example, this summer I sought out a consultation about dental work; I didn't follow up. But this past week, I'd been thinking heavily about that and how I need to get the work going. I came home from work to find a message on my machine from the dentist office, saying they had my paperwork from the insurance and to make an appointment. The thing is, the insurance would have come in a long time ago, -- I had been thinking how flakey they were that they hadn't called months ago --  anyway, here I was thinking about the dental work and out of the blue, they call me. Another thing that happened was this comment left on my blog for the L.O.W.F.I. site the other day about one person's vision of where the missing child Kyron Hammon is. This person's "vision" matches my own.

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ALF said...

In regards to your comment "I've been thinking about one thing and then they happen." That is because we all are shifting from 3D to 5D. Our thoughts become our reality. It is happening to me as well. It used to be that it took about a week to come to fruition; now, it is almost automatically. I think it and I either see it or it happens. I've come to realize that since "energy follows thought" we are at a "window" right now. Wherein, our thoughts become our reality. Aida