Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Power Outage, OBE

Strange things happened last night... I woke up around midnight. It took me a few moments to figure out what wasn't right; the alarm clock was blacked out, the little red pinpoints of light on the receiver were out, etc. I went into the bathroom, and noticed the alarm clock in there was black, the night light was out, the overhead light didn't come on when I flipped the switch. Clearly the power had gone out. Great. I tried to wake Jim, but he didn't wake up. I was both glad and frustrated at that; I didn't want to disturb him, but didn't want the power out all night.

I tried to go back to sleep, but kept waking up.  Then, I had an OBE. My first one in a long long time. I felt like someone was pulling on my foot, pulling me out. I was delighted at this, excited, but also a little nervous. Something different this time than the other times; I'd start to leave my body, then, stop where I was. Just like being in an elevator going up  and stopping at a floor for a few moments. I saw a green point of light in my mind/astral plane, then it came closer and was a window, with a humanoid shape figure standing in it, watching me. I had the feeling it was very human like, but not human. That scared me a bit. The the "elevator" started up again, upwards, and I had that same feeling of being both excited and nervous. I was telling myself not to panic, not to be scared,  just let it be. But, we stopped again. Waited. In a holding pattern. Then started up again. This went on for awhile, and then, to my great frustration, I started to come back down. I tried to resist falling back into myself, into "reality" but I just couldn't seem to get beyond the point where I left my body completely.

I managed to get to sleep, kind of... had an epic dream (one of those dreams that was extremely long and detailed, complicated plot, etc. ) but still slept poorly. After about an hour woke up to find power back on. 


Mike Clelland! said...


About the long and complcated dream, do you feel there were any clues?

Strangely, I had a long and complicated dream last night too. It felt like a dream, all the "plot elements" were very much dream-like. But, at the end, I persevered. I managed to overcome a complicated and confusing set of obstacles.

Peace to you!
Mike C!

Anonymous said...

Regan, I read your most current entry(about another OBE) and read this 'Power Outage,OBE' entry shortly after you posted it a few days ago.

I've had OBEs intermittently throughout my life - more so as a child and teen (but really began to fight it as a teenager). I still fight it when I hear/feel the 'rushing waters' sound and the sensation of someone/thing tugging at me (usually my legs or trunk). But once I'm out flying over the neighborhood I enjoy it. I don't like returning though....very uncomfortable and unsettling.

And I experience alot of power outages, which may be attributed to the area. It seems my little town has lots of outages. The Western Mass Electric Co trucks are often seen going by with their spinner lights on night and day. There's a huge transformer on the edge of town which borders Ct.

I keep a flashlight near my bed and also use an old-fashioned wind-up alarm clock (because the power outages throw off the electric clock and batteries drain out fast on a battery-operated one). I also keep a nightlight on (pathetic, I know).

But, I wanted to share something that has happened recently. Maybe there is some sort of activity or pattern brewing amongst CE experiencers.

I began having regular (daily) nosebleeds beginning around or shortly after Thanksgiving. I make sure my hot-water heaters are professionally cleaned out yearly and also make sure to vacuum them weekly. So, there's no dust causing a nasal allergy. Also I keep the temperature in my home at 63 when I sleep. So far the heater has not kicked on during my sleep.

I feel like sticking a long q-tip (like doctors/dentists have) up my nose (sounds horrible, and of course I wouldn't do that) because I sense there's something in there! I pass clots of blood from my nose, which then subside. It's as if my body is trying to clot over or heal over something.

To add to the high strangeness, my son and his roomate came to stay this past week for 3 days as their apartment is being fumagated and neither one wants to be around during that.

The afternoon after the 1st night my son slept over, he had a spontaneous nose bleed right in front of me and his buddy (they'd just come home from work). He use to have regular nose bleeds as a child and also had conscious recollections of seeing a " tiny silver spaceship" over our neighbor's backyard, more than once.

I told him, half-heartedly, that maybe I'd better get some humidifiers, for the dry winter air. But, honestly, it's not that. The house is comfortable and clean....and there's enough moisture in the air (we've had rain and snow on and off).

Of course, if my nosebleeds continue, I'll make a doctor's appt.

Just had to share all this.....

~ Susan