Monday, December 27, 2010

UFOs and the Dream Set

 UFO Dream Set
I just realized, the other day, that I have a recurring "dream set" concerning dreams about UFOs. The realization startled me because it was a big "duh!" -- so obvious. But for whatever reason, I'd never made the connection before.

White Orb, Regan Lee
I have lots of dreams of UFOs, and some take place in a park like setting, during the day. But there's another UFO dream scenario that takes place at night. The setting is always the same. It's not any literal place I recognize in waking life.

In these dreams, it's always night, and I have the feeling it's between 8:00 and 10:00, maybe 11:00, pm. There's a dark wooden fence, about six feet high, off to one side, kind of behind me. There are residential streets, I'm usually standing in a parking lot to a tavern diner type place, or, in the street, lots of houses around but off a ways. Mixed use; residential and city stuff. Over a few blocks, there's more going on; lights, stores, restaurants. And hills about three to five miles, at the most, further back.

The sky is dark, full of glistening stars. And, UFOs. Sometimes they look like planes and helicopters but they're really disguised UFOs. Most often the stars are the UFOs; the UFOs are hiding within the stars, but soon show themselves. There's often a brilliant display up there; showing off. Wonderful to watch, but an undercurrent of extreme, unpleasant tension. Things are not what they seem, not what they appear to be.

I'm with at least on other person, we're off by ourselves, witnessing this, a bit away from others.

I'll try to make a sketch of this dreamscape and post it.

End of the Matrix
Speaking of dreamscapes, I had an odd little dream the other night. I have several of these dreamscapes, settings, that pretty much stay the same. One is a city scape, it's L.A., kind of downtown, east L.A. but it looks nothing like waking reality. In my dreams I know it's L.A. though. Wide, wide streets, low buildings, nothing much taller than four stories, hills in the background. I'm always moving east, and down, in this setting. Downhill. Sometimes it's daytime, sometimes it's night. Movie theaters, etc. As I continue on, I realize I'm a bit lost. And I'm always walking, never driving. Sometimes I take a bus. I'm usually nervous around here; it's strange and new and I'm not sure of where I am. There are some unsavory people around here too, not too safe.

So the other night, I'm in this dream set, walking down the wide wide night street, and then, I get to the end. Suddenly, the street ends, and there's nothing ahead; just desert. I had a lucid moment in the dream, almost laughing, saying "What the hell?!" I was a little unnerved by this, because it was my dream, and I hadn't planned on this! How could I "run out?"

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