Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dark Magic and Crop Circles

An interesting account from Nick Redfern on a crop circles, peacock feathers, and dark magic with sinister intent: Crop Circles and Sorcery | Mysterious Universe.
Although many students of the Crop Circle phenomenon conclude the intricate formations that dominate the fields of Britain each summer are the work of aliens, evidence suggests the world of the Occult may play a far more significant role in the phenomenon than anything that E.T. might ever have to offer.
An odd bit of coincidence here; a few days ago I had posted here on the Orb a dream I had involving crop circles and unseen, malevolent forces: Cold Crop Circles.

This is an interesting idea about magick and crop circles. Like  the UFO phenomena in general, from sightings of objects to non-human entities and abductions, there are definitely  occult aspects to all these things. (That was the subject of Redfern's book Final Events.)

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