Saturday, February 19, 2011

Owl Stuff: The Fringe Owl

I should start an "Owl Files," or something...

Today while searching for deals at the local Goodwill I saw a lovely brown square box with the words "Fringe Owl." Thinking it had something to do with the television series Fringe (the best series of its kind, besides X-Files and Torchwood -- UK not US) I picked it up. Inside was the paperweight shown here. Nice little item. Reading the small print on the box I saw that it had nothing to do with Fringe, the Faux Fox Network series; Fringe is just the name of the studio, which is in California. I almost bought it, even though I have no use for a paper weight, but after reading their warning label on how the glass paperweight contains lead, which is a carcinogen. California law, the label informed, mandates warning labels for products containing lead.

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