Saturday, March 5, 2011

"The Aliens Are Coming for Us!" More From my Invisible Aliens

I dream a lot about UFOs and aliens, though I rarely see  ET type alien entities in my dreams. They are always invisible; their presence known, felt, but unseen. Occasionally the "aliens" are human enough looking but just off enough to convey a creepy and threatening intent.

I also have a series of dreamscapes, or "sets" that appear in my dreams. One such recurring dreamscape is a small coastal town. In my waking life, I love the coast, and am looking forward to when I'll finally be able to move there. Yet this dreamscape is not a happy place; it's always depressing. It's almost a ghost town, very shabby. There's a crumbling, dirty white stucco wall along side the shore, buildings are falling apart, it's just sad and dirty.

So Jim and I are here, and we get a frantic call from someone who wants us to come and investigate strange paranormal activity. It's a run down gas station; maybe a customer once a week, that kind of thing. We find a lot of poltergeist activity and assume it's a ghost, some kind of haunting, and are about to leave on that note, telling the owner that yep, there's a ghost here all right. Suddenly, UFOs appear, and the "aliens" are all over the place, but I can't see them. They're here all right, right up next to me, but I can't see them. They are very nasty and we all start running in ciricles and screaming "The aliens are here, they're coming after us!" It sounds damn funny now, but it was very scary in the dream.

A bit later, we get another call from someone else in town. More ghostly activity. We go to investigate, decide it's a haunting, and are about to leave when the invisible aliens in their UFOs arrive. The previous scene repeats itself: running around, screaming "The aliens are out to get us!" and escaping just in time. And, again, I can't see them.

I have a bit of a lucid moment in the dream, where I wonder, after making my escape, if these invisible aliens "have anything to do with the orange orb I saw on Lorane highway years ago?" Then I think, "Well, that's an interesting thought."

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Bill said...

You're funny - you know. Popular Alien theology is that they are here to serve us, but I'm not sure that's the case. Many people who have encountered Aliens are frightened by the experience. Many people repeatedly taken repeatedly don't want to be. Maybe the Aliens are like Humans in some ways, there are good and bad. I wish that there are more good Aliens than there are good people, or does having to wish for that explain a lot about what people experience, or dream?