Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 McMinnville UFO Fest this Weekend!

It's been quiet here, believe it or not, haven't had much to say. Working on various things, other than that...

I will be attending the UFO conference in McMinnville this weekend. Looking forward to the presenters, especially Stan Gordon. I'll be meeting Deirdre O'Lavery there and I know we'll have lots of fun and lots to report.

This year we won't be staying at the Hotel Oregon; where they offer a package deal for the UFO fest weekend and we've taken advantage of that in the past. The hotel is worth visiting for its historic interest; lots of great art on the walls, including some UFO related art. And the rooftop bar is wonderful, a real delight. Last year however was a disappointment in terms of service including the hotel's insistence the $36.00 we paid was a "tip" and not actual money paid towards our account. Seems the wait person took it upon themselves to sign off on our bill basically taking our money, and the hotel seemed to think that was just fine. Other things too; realizing they're crazy busy every year, etc. but overall, cold food, snarky service, (one wait person said to us, when we finally got our food -- which was ice cold -- "Are you happy now?")  really pretty dismal last year. That aside, the beer is pretty damn good and the charm of Hotel Oregon is worth a visit.

Looking forward to hearing Stan Gordon,  Robert Salas, and Paola Harris!

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Red Pill Junkie said...

$36 a tip?? That's what happens when Robert Bigelow is seen as your average Ufologist! ;)