Sunday, May 15, 2011

Around the Orb

Gary Haden continues to bring us detailed, well written and researched insights. Incorporate your blog reading routine to include Haden's Speculative Realms: Speculative Realms: Sideways Worlds: The Bad Twin Smoke Monsters of Multiple Personality and Alien Abduction

Was at the McMinnville, Oregon UFO conference this weekend. We have a great time and it was very nice to see Deirdre O'Lavery again! Speakers Robert Salas and Stan Gordon were incredible. I particularly liked Gordon's presentation, being the Bigfoot-UFO nerd I am. More on the conference later.

Speaking of conferences, Lesley Gunter writes about her participation in the Wake Up Now! conference for her Grey Matters column at Binnall of America: Three Days of Waking Up.

Tessa Dick's newest is now available: her memoir Tessa B. Dick: My Life on the Edge of Reality.

I review Insight on the Orange Orb Review.

Lesley has a post at Women Of Esoterica about synchronicity and pendulums; I post a comment that mentions even more of same...

Fake and stage violent events continue to be staged in schools. Here's the latest. on my blog Octopus Confessional.

And on my blog Animal Forteana, a couple of posts about the use abuse of animals in war and the titanium fanged dogs promoted as weapon in Osama bin Laden's death.

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