Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spirits About?

When we first moved into our house, built in 1927, there were some definite remnant energies. I wouldn't say the house was haunted, exactly, but we both felt strong imprints of previous owners. Oddly, the strongest feeling was fairly recent, rather than decades ago. Just not a healthy feeling. And for many years, there was always a negative feeling emanating from the backyard at night. I often felt silly, because it was just a backyard, medium sized, and fenced; nothing out of the ordinary about it. Why in the world would I feel such a strong creepy feeling every time I went outside at night? After many years, the feeling seemed to have dissipated, but it's still there on occasion.

Overall, through the years, things have calmed down -- not that they were ever exceptionally vivid, as with other haunted places I've been in -- and nothing has happened for some time. Until the past couple of weeks. Little things, like knowing damn well I put something someplace, and then, it's gone. And then, a few moments later, it's back. Happened again this morning; my glasses were not there on top of my computer, which irritated me, since I knew I had put them there the night before. (It's where I always put them at night.) Look around, thinking they fell on the floor or whatever, look back to the laptop, and there they are. That kind of thing has been happening a lot recently. I wondered why this, and a few other odd little things would be happening again after many years of calm.

Then I realized: we decided to devote ourselves into redoing our house. Not "remodeling" (too poor and house too funky for that) but lots of work, interior and exterior. Due to finances and health issues, we've ignored our house, inside and outside, and finally decided to direct our energies to fixing this place up. Two weeks ago we started with the roof -- whole thing completely redone. Lots of yard work, cutting back old brush and taking out shrubs and all kinds of stuff. We've been very active in this house recently, as far as fixing it up.  So it occurred to me that it's possible all this activity has stirred things up on the other side.

It'll be interesting to see how this progresses, if at all.

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Rosemary Breen said...

This wouldnt be the first case of physical works stirring things up spirit wise.

They are linked and the latter does have to reside somewhere :)

Keep us informed.