Sunday, July 24, 2011

Book Project: Entering the Orb

I've begun a new project. Not sure yet how I'll end up doing this; interactive, as Nancy Birnes suggested, e-book, Kindle, self-publish, blog, pay per many options. I think, however, that it will be in a sort of journal format, fairly traditional in terms of publishing (e-book/Kindle/self, or through a publisher) with segments posted here at The Orange Orb.

So here it is, working title: Entering the Orb: A Couple's Journey into Missing Time, Screen Memories and UFOs.

Jim and I have decided, spontaneously and independently of each other, to go through some kind of regression and retrieval process to find out what happened during our missing time experiences. We've agreed that we would not share what we found out about our own experiences until all the work has been done. We don't know yet if we would see different people, or the same person. If we saw the same person, there's the possibility that person would be unconsciously influenced by the both of us.  Than again, maybe not.

A lot of this is absolutely trust based. How can we prove to others that we're telling the truth when we say we won't discuss with each other what's been discovered, until it's all done? We can't.

There's also a large issue of vulnerability here. Some possible causes for the missing time episodes are obvious -- as in, oh my god they really were Reptilian Overlords. Other reasons concern memory. As you'll see in my next post, Jim and I have very different memories of one of our missing time events. Clearly, one of us is wrong. So why the difference in memories? And if it turns out the cause for missing time isn't UFO related, alien related or some other esoteric or metaphysical cause, then what, and why? Are we unstable? Did someone drug us? (If so, why, and that's certainly scary on its own.) I could handle any of those, (I think) but what I don't think I could handle is the possibly we made it all up. Unintentionally of course, but made up nonetheless. If that is so, why in the world would we do so? That in itself is intriguing.


Anonymous said...

Regan, Best of luck to you and Jim!

You've certainly been around the block long enough to separate your conscious recall from any regression you might undergo.

There's clearly something there that you've experienced, which can't be explained away through conventional means or just a "bad dream".

~ Susan

Regan Lee said...

Thank you Susan!

Arvin Hill said...

Having been skeptical-to-ambivalent regarding missing time until my own [unambiguous] event in April 2009 (roughly one year after I started researching UFOs), I'm looking forward to seeing what discoveries (material, tangential or both) you and Jim make along the way.

Being extremely wary of active or passive interference, I didn't seek a regression, but neither did I take it off the table. One complicating factor is that I live in Karla Turner country, and, by all appearances, she had quite a few sympathetic allies (peers, former students, etc) in & around North Texas. Which is not to imply they aren't capable; only that there are people with axes to wittingly or unwittingly grind, and identifying them can be a trick.

I've recently learned a prominent transpersonal psychologist with impressive expertise in NDEs lives nearby, and, once again, I'm giving some thought to regression.

It's a persistent curiosity, missing time, isn't it? I can live with the mystery, but would rather know than not. The extent to which it may be knowable remains to be seen... but, perhaps, not indefinitely.

Anyway, good luck, and may both of you enjoy the ride.


Regan Lee said...

Arvin, thank you, and you as well.