Monday, July 25, 2011

Entering the Orb part 2: Decision on Regression

For a long time, both Jim and I completely rejected hypnosis, or any other form of regression into our missing time episodes. We both admitted much of that rejection was due to plain old fear. (It was really years before we talked to each other about them in any kind of depth, and, a lot of details were left out when either one of us retold these stories to others, including each other. Sometimes this was due to simply not remembering, other times, particularly with Jim, he just couldn't voice it.) Over time, we talked more deeply of these experiences, but for a variety of reasons -- culminating with David Jacob's sociopathic behavior -- we continued to reject hypnosis.

The past few months, I began to work on getting at my memories in order to uncover what happened during those missing time periods. Inner work. Meditation, pendulum, dreams, and so on. Jim knew I was doing this. In his way, he was doing that as well.

A couple of weeks ago, we were driving out to the coast, and were talking about our experiences. Casually, Jim mentioned he feels comfortable with the idea of finding out what happened. Specifically, of going through hypnosis or something. I agreed. The idea of doing this journal/book came out of that discussion.

Regan, circa 1977 by James (Jim) Rich
So now we need to decide a few things. Exactly what process do we want to do here? I'm undecided on the idea of hypnosis; can it be trusted? Maybe we should be looking at it, not so much as the end all and magic answer to questions, but a tool, a guide, one more method to use in the journey of exploration. Maybe I'm over thinking it.

And of course there is the question of the hypnotist or regressor. As we all know from our UFO current events here, the quality and agendas of any person doing such work must be pure. Whatever that means. We need to be very wary of biases from all perspectives. A hypnotist who believes there are aliens under every bed isn't any better than a hypnotist who thinks anyone remotely considering the idea of UFOs and ET is mentally ill.

Finding such a person in our area might be difficult. I have some people I can ask; and probably we'd have to go up to Portland, about 2 hours away. Not too bad. So, next on our agenda: finding a qualified person we're comfortable with, can afford, and isn't too far away.

P.S. I know I wrote in my earlier post that I'd discuss the very different memories of one of our missing time episodes; I'll hope to discuss that in the next entry.


terry the censor said...

People tend to forget or downplay that experiencers bring their own expectations to a hypnosis session, even before they have "recovered" any memories.
Paul Chambers writes about this in "Sex and the Paranormal." Ian Hacking also notes this in people who claim MPD. And of course, as Captured! revealed, the Hills shopped around for an opinion confirming their abduction, after Dr. Simon disappointed them by saying he did not think their memories were true (Betty was especially bitter).
I would also be concerned that any suggestible state would encourage confabulation, regardless of the interests of the hypnotist or the predisposition of the client.

Regan Lee said...

"I would also be concerned that any suggestible state would encourage confabulation, regardless of the interests of the hypnotist or the predisposition of the client."

Terry, true, of course we're concerned about that.

There is context, however: both of us have had a literal lifetime of UFO experiences.

That isn't to say these missing time and cover memory events have anything to do with UFOs; on the other hand, they sure seem like they do, given surrounding events.

I read Captured! but have to refresh my memory; Dr. Simon's take on the Hills experiences could be his own bias. Or, not... as I say, I'll have to reread that.

I have always said I am NOT an abductee...

It is however, extremely mystifying to know that we had three shared missing time experiences, cover memories, confusion as to what happened where, etc. The Big Question is: WHY?

And that's what I want to know.

tinyjunco said...

hi Regan! Jenny Randles wrote a book, Star Children, all about her lifetime of anomalous experiences (including what looked like missing time episodes) and her journey to investigate these events to try and find out whatever she could. this included some hypnosis.

it's especially fascinating as Ms, Randles was the driving force behind the UK hypnosis ban in the ufo investigation community.

when it comes down to it, hypnosis is just an altered state of consciousness. we do not know much at all about altered states, except that we need to experience some of them (sleep, dreaming) in the correct amount or we die. so to me i'm starting to think about altered states more like something such as eating or exercise - exercise itself is neither good or bad. you just need to find the proper kind and amount the promotes health for the individual.

hope this helps!!! steph