Saturday, September 17, 2011

Leah Haley on the Abduction Mythology

I've been following Leah Haley's story for years. So naturally I am keenly interested in her current stance regarding UFOs and abductions. Which is, as Jack Brewer at The UFO Trail relates:
Former self-described alien abductee Leah Haley has revised her perspectives about her experiences of high strangeness to conclude that no alien abductions ever took place in her life. She now completely attributes her remarkable perceptions to having been an involuntary research subject. Commenting on literal alien abduction from her home in Pensacola, Florida, Haley stated, “It doesn't happen.”
Now I'm really interested! I haven't experienced anything close to what Leah Haley has experienced, but, given my own two (possibly three) missing time episodes, and life long UFO/paranormal/high strangeness encounters, the abduction scenario has always been a part of this history. Like an unwelcome, sometimes embarrassing relative or friend that insists on being a part of your life no matter how diplomatically you tell them to just go away, the alien abduction scene persists in inserting itself. I've never thought I was literally an "abductee" -- and, in fact, don't think alien abductions are literal events or even, (maybe) related to ETs. Still, there is much weirdness afoot, and that weirdness is  from outside ourselves. (Mostly.)  These experiences (with some exceptions) are not due to psychosis or pathologies or la de fucking dah. They are real, and they of the "other." Of course, that opinion/belief rests on the assumption that the rest of us accept this "other" which of course, most don't. Worse, some do indeed accept that premise but pretend that they don't. That's the insidious side of all this. Some may call that view paranoid. Me, I'm being practical. It's real, it's insidious, it's part "other," it's part human. I've long suspected that humans are involved in much of this stuff: manipulating events, capitalizing on the dregs "they" leave behind or allow us to play with. Dark, paranoid, bleak. Sure. That's not all of it, and I am always hopeful. So I'm not completely pessimistic. In fact, I'm not pessimistic at all. Those humans that fuck with us in concert with "them" (ETs, and/or non-human entities) can go to hell. And if it does turn out they've messed with my head on more than one occasion as well as my husband's, that really is every bit as unnerving and fantastic as aliens. Something I've been saying for a long time.

So. Leah Haley. For years Haley has been writing about her experience concverning alien abductions. She wrote a book: Lost Was the Key, and related her experiences of UFOs and all kinds of related weird events. You can read about it by Googling and reading Jack Brewer's articulate article.

The idea of MILABS (Military Abductions) has always been an uneasy part of UFO research. Not many want to go there. Too paranoid, among other things. (I have had so many experiences with UFO groups who persist, like some Fortean Pelicanist-ostrich hybrid of keeping their heads in the sand, that only "positive" stories and theories of ET and UFOs be allowed. Even if your experience is the your truth, if it's "negative" they don't want you around.) There's a middle here; it's not only ETs, and it's not only humans operating covert staged abduction events. One does not exclude, or negate, the other. ETst still exist -- so do humans manipulating the idea of ET existence for all its worth.

Haley has uncovered government documents, incuding patents, that have led her to her conclusion that alien abductions are human created mind control experiments. For example, as Brewer relates:

Haley cited U.S. Patent Office documents, demonstrating evolution of electronic technology and non-lethal weapons that correlates with the time line of reports of alien abduction. Advances in technology during the 20th century included using electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) to remotely entrain brain waves, induce altered states of consciousness and transfer an otherwise inaudible voice directly into the brain. Overexposure to EMFs was documented to cause hallucinations, nausea, short term amnesia (missing time) and reddened skin, circumstances which became staples of abductee testimonies.
Robert Bigelow figures into this. MUFON founder John Schuessler  rejects criticisms and suspicious of Bigelow's involvement in MUFON and UFO reports, thinking such opinions are silly paranoia. But I've been suspicious of Bigelow's involvement (and indeed MUFON in general) and Haley's experiences add support to the idea of a hidden agenda. It's not altruism on Bigelow, etc. part. (I should add, "in my opinion.:)

Of course we can't know if Haley is being truthful, if she isn't, in reality, just paranoid, if alien abductions really are literal, if the government is pure as the driven snow, and so on. I have no idea. I'll amend that: of course I have an idea, or else I wouldn't be commenting. I have no proof. In my own case, all I have is the knowledge of my experiences:

  • Seen several UFOs throughout my life
  • Have had related UFO "alien" experiences: telepathy, "visions", dreams, precognition, shared events, synchronicities...
  • Have had two episodes of missing time (and possibly a third), shared by another witness
  • That witness is now my spouse, who has had his own life long experience with such things
  • (We even lived a few blocks from each other when we were teens years before we met)
  • Have cover or screen memories related to these events
  • And all that's just for starters...
if she's telling her truth, she is not to blame for anything. 

In the meantime, those of us with experiences know something very odd occurs, and after years of investigating, exploring, speculating, sharing and discussing, no UFO pundit, self-elected UFO Police, or anyone else, has walked up to us and handed us a big "Here! All the answers to all your questions in this fancy little envelope." Nope.

So where ever Leah Haley's current opinions takes her, and us, we'll have to see. But in the meantime, for now, I appreciate her honesty in coming forth with her perspective. It causes us to take another look from a different perspective and that is not ever a bad thing in this realm.


Jack Brewer said...

Hi, Regan,

I certainly understand your interest in the Haley case and related subject matter. I personally appreciate your obvious understandings that the MILABs subject matter is complex and far reaching. Thank you for your willingness to address and discuss it all.

It is important to me to clarify that I do not hold any relevant suppositions about your experiences of high strangeness. I do not claim to know what happened in your specific experiences. The same could be said for the vast majority of people who describe strange occurrences; I do not claim to know what is taking place in each of their lives.

“I've been following Leah Haley's story for years. So naturally I am keenly interested in her current stance regarding UFOs and abductions.”

I relate, Regan. My lifelong interest in ufology and the abduction phenom eventually led me to considering and researching military implications. The Leah Haley case caught my attention for reasons that should be apparent to those familiar with her case, books, previous speaking engagements and so on, thus why I initially contacted her in 2009.

I quickly discovered she no longer supposed aliens to be involved whatsoever in her experiences. She and Marc Davenport had extensively researched confirmed, all be them seldom discussed, covert mind control operations such as MKULTRA, related Freedom of Information Act documents, the evolution and testing of 'non-lethal' weapons, and similar such potentially relevant factors of the overall equation. I was quite familiar with such circumstances myself prior to contacting Leah, resulting in a relatively quick ability to communicate with one another about issues often suppressed, not only in mainstream culture, but even in the supposedly open-minded and tolerant UFO community.

The recently published article was simply intended to be a summary of the overall situation. I envision posting much more about the related circumstances and issues.

“The idea of MILABS (Military Abductions) has always been an uneasy part of UFO research. Not many want to go there.”

Right. The topic is largely dismissed out of hand across the board. I would be very hard pressed to identify a more misunderstood topic of which people so commonly emotionally avert. They quickly get too upset and angry to rationally discuss it, unable to follow the lines of reasoning and comprehend the points of relevance.

“Robert Bigelow figures into this.”

One such potential relevance, indeed.

“So where ever Leah Haley's current opinions takes her, and us, we'll have to see. But in the meantime, for now, I appreciate her honesty in coming forth with her perspective.”

I do too. I appreciate it a lot. There are many in these circles who refuse to ever admit they change their minds about anything, as if they knew all there is to know about everything from the very beginning. If nothing else, I appreciate Leah's actions making the statement that it is okay to change your mind.

“It causes us to take another look from a different perspective and that is not ever a bad thing in this realm.”

No, it shouldn't be a bad thing, anyway. As you no doubt are well aware, though, Regan, a lot of supposedly open-minded people long since made up their minds, and only review information that supports their current preferred perspectives. Which, by the way, has a lot to do with my gratitude for your willingness to address the issues... and brings us to a couple rhetorical questions:

If people truly want to know at least some of the possible explanations for reports of abduction, why would the discussion of military operations, such as exotic aircraft, non-lethal weapons and deceptive counter intelligence projects make them so mad?

If a person is a sincere truth seeker, why would they have neither the inclination nor the patience to learn about confirmed mind control operations and related issues?

Thank you for your willingness to consider all this, Regan. I appreciate it.


Patricia/Cait said...

I was one of the people Ms. Haley spoke with about her growing doubts that aliens were behind all that happened to her. It was at a UFO Expo back in the mid-2000's--sorry I'm not clearer on the date--and I'd mentioned how many of my own anomalous experiences involved humans. She took me aside and told me about 2 of her own "abductions" where she'd gotten beneath the surface memories and seen evidence of the events being staged while she was hypnotized, drugged or both. I've worried about her safety ever since, since the people behind this ruse seem to be well-funded and sociopathic...a bad combination. I'm not as certain as she is that ALL abductions are part of human mind control programs, but mine certainly seem to have been. She's a brave lady.

Unknown said...

I am glad Leah Haley found the explanation for her experiences, but I maintain that it is not the only explanation for such experiences. I tend to lean toward the extradimensional (supernatural?) hypothesis rather than ET visitation regarding the UFO/abduction phenomenon. Therefore I assume government ignorance of the phenomena, combined with an intense interet in the subject for purposes of harsvesting possible "alien" tech (which probably does not exist) for military-intel applications--as well as attempting to apply the more "paranormal" aspects of the phenomena, such as psychic/psychological manipulation, for it's own covert purposes. Knowledge is power, and now Leah Haley knows what she needs to know, for her own situation.