Friday, October 21, 2011

At Ghost Hunting Theories: Creepy Things

A blog that's quickly become a favorite is the Ghost Hunting Theories blog. Her recent post Ghost Hunting Theories: Creeped Me Out In Childhood-How About You? of creepy things like mall Santas and Bear Jamboree, reminded me of this painting Jim did a few years ago. The painting is taken from a photograph of me when I was four or five year old, sitting in Santa's lap. The Santa in he photo is clearly tired, ill, or drunk. Or all three. Jim really captured the creepiness of that photo. (Although, I have to say, I don't like this painting. It's very rare that I don't care for something Jim has painted, I usually love his work, but this one, I won't allow him to hang it in the house!)  At the same, as can be seen in the painting and photo, I was immune to any creepiness; just feeling that Christmas magic in the air. If I can find the photo I'll post it, but here's the painting:

James Rich, Dreams of the Future, Shadows of the Past, acrylic on wonderboard