Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oregon witnesses: 'Strange memory' problems after watching rectangle UFO - National ufo | Examiner.com

A report from an Oregon UFO witness: not a triangle but rectangle, that seemed to have caused "strange memories: Oregon witnesses: 'Strange memory' problems after watching rectangle UFO - National ufo | Examiner.com
What's interesting is the white light emanating from the craft:
It only had an unbelievable white light coming out the bottom."
The object, like so many, seemed to have wanted to be seen: flying over a highway, hovering above a field, showing off colored lights, and that "unbelievable white light." On the other hand, it could be it didn't want to be seen, it just didn't care. Or, unaware of the effect it had on witnesses. The latter I think, is the least possible. It's difficult to accept (though not impossible) that such things: huge, seemingly "performing" for witnesses, and technologies that affect memory, are an unintended result of UFOs.

I was particularly drawn to this story for two reasons: one, it occurred here in Oregon, and two, the witnesses experience concerning memory and the white light resonated with my own Oregon experience so many years -- decades -- ago. I didn't see a rectangle, but an orange orb; yet paralysing (literally paralyzing) dreams of brilliant white beams of light, and missing time, followed that sighting.

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matthew said...

Well, I believe I saw this craft, it was the same evening and I live in Forest Grove Oregon which is 6 miles west of Hillsboro, my wife and I went upstairs to go to sleep, but while my wife was getting to go to sleep, I wanted to look at the stars, so, I went across the hall to look at them, my window faces east, towards Hillsboro, I saw something, I oouldn't believe I was seeing, so, I called my wife over to the room and asked her to look out the window to see if she saw what I was seeing. Well, it was a rectangle shaped object, it was different colors and by different colors, I don't mean all at the same time. It was white, then red, then green or blue, I am color blind with that color. I can't tell which one it is sometimes, so, it was either green or blue and well, I couldn't believe it. So, the next morning, I got online to see if I could find anything about it on the news or someplace online, well, to my surprise, it was on both. So, now, I have to say, it was strange and, it is the second one I have seen in my life, the first time was in Paradise California, in August of 1979. Wow, I don't believe it.. two in one lifetime and in two different states, California and now, Oregon...