Saturday, January 7, 2012

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Local UFO Sighting, Follow-up Fizzles?
I haven't been posting much here, nothing to say, really, about UFOs. I tried to follow up on one local Craigslist post from a UFO witness -- they saw a strange light doing strange things less than 2 miles from where I live:
I just saw a UFO hovering over South Eugene. It appeared around 10:30 PM. I was driving to the store this evening and when I turned on to 18th I saw a bright light hovering just above me, very close, extremely bright. I stopped my car and watched it bobble back & forth a bit. It was very bright and made no sound. It hovered in small circles for about 5 min. and then the light slowly dimmed. After it dimmed I could see a black silhouette moving slowly away until it disappeared. After it was gone I stopped someone walking who had also seen it and was just as amazed as I was. THIS IS NO WAY THIS WAS A PLANE OR A HELICOPTER. Did anyone else see this from another angle? or catch anything else?
* Location: 18th & Pearl PostingID: 2764971047
He answered my email and was open to discussing it, possibly meeting, then, nothing, and he hasn't returned my call, so, for now, I don't know anything other than what he posted, asking if anyone else in the area had seen the UFO.

I've been writing a lot about Bigfoot lately, particularly on the NO KILL/NO CAPTURE issue.  Tomorrow I hope to drive out to a location not far from here where a BF sighting took place awhile back. It's an urban area and, while there are wooded hills and areas very near, it seems strange a BF would be so seen so close. The used to be open, semi wooded but over the past 15 years, it's been increasingly developed.

Kindles and Deviant Moons
Trying to catch up on reading, I have so many books I owe reviews for and I am behind on them.  The Santa Fairy bought me a Kindle, which I've been enjoying. Waiting for my ebay Kindle cover to arrive, as well as my Deviant Moon Tarot deck. I cannot wait to use these cards! I have a feeling they are going to be great. I hope so. It's funny, I have several decks, and I know the criticisms of the Waite deck, which I agree with, but I always end up using that deck anyway. The only other decks I use, which aren't Tarot but oracle cards, are the Druid and Native Amercian Animal decks. And the latter is controversial for obvious reasons.

Bird Falls: Trickster's Realm
New Trickster's Realm column at Tim Binnall's site, on the bird die offs in Beebe, Arkansas.

In spite of myself, I watch Ghost Adventures. It's silly in a lot of ways and downright stupid but I always end up liking the show. I'm a Fortean junkie anyway and will watch any show (as long as it's not skewed towards skeptics) on UFOs, ghosts, Bigfoot, you name it. So last night, we were in the living room, watching GA. There was a moment where the guys were in the dark, with the night vision cameras, capturing EVPs on the "spirit box." I was feeling pretty intense at that moment; something about the spirits in the place they were in and what the voice was communicating got to me. When the voice spoke, the light cord on the bookcase moved. Very, very weird.

We have a long string of purple led lights draped over the bookcase where the TV is. The right side of the string of lights suddenly jerked, a few times, exactly like someone was tugging at it. No other part of the string moved. There wasn't any wind, no one moved to cause a vibration, no cat walked by, etc. (They couldn't have, since that side is blocked off with a large screen.) The movement was specific -- a tug, a pull -- not a jostle from a breeze or anything. It was just odd.

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