Sunday, February 19, 2012

HULIQ:'UFO sighting beliefs counter today's science while new metal box theory floated'

(I had planned to go out there this weekend, but family illness keeps me in town for now...hopefully I can go out there next weekend.)

An update from Dave Masko on the metal boxes.UFO sighting beliefs counter today's science while new metal box theory floated. Theories are afoot. For example, "...the boxes on the beach are merely floats that were originally built to support docks," (William Hanshumaker, Hatfield Marine Science Center.)

The fear of metal boxes has to do with post Cold War angst. Or something. Time writer Jeff Wise is quoted in the article:
Mention “strange metal boxes” on the beach, and “people sort of shut down and call you a UFO nut. They need answers right now, and they won’t give an inch until they either try and understand or simply dismiss what you’re saying because ‘UFO’ is part of it,” added Errol when expressing her personal angst over being shot as the messenger for what other many in society view as real or not real.

In turn, people are funny adds Wise when noting how “the Cold War is over, but there’s still enough nuclear mega tonnage to end civilization,” but, alas, people will fear something unknown – such as UFOs and people who spot strange metal boxes on the beach – over loose nukes in our world.
The UFO connection will not go away. The boxes are disappearing, incorporated into art pieces and taken as souvenirs of alien activity.

Much of the article is the same material used in previous articles.


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