Friday, February 17, 2012

Just When You Think . . . 'Mayan prophecy shared with metal box at 42nd annual Yachats art fair '

Just when one might think the case of the keening glowing metal boxes is over, well, not yet.

At the annual Yachats art fair, artist Leo D’Alessandro will present a metal box:
“Since the Mayan prophecy for this year of 2012 is expected to bring the dawn of a new era – a year of transformation for our planet – what better way for me to share my visions of the Mayans than with the metal box I salvaged from our beach.”
I know the mention of having one of these mysterious boxes involved is exciting. It’s just right, I feel, to compliment my Mayan theme for the work I present this year.”

Mayan prophecy shared with metal box at 42nd annual Yachats art fair | HULIQ
Tying the metal box into Mayan prophecy -- wow. As an artist myself, I recognize opportunistic pretentious b.s. when I hear it. (example: his art is

Maybe I'm being too snarky. I don't know the artist, or have seen his work. I'll try to make it to the art show if I can.
There's also the "hybrid" -- another artist, simply named "Pam," has made a film that contains a woman who's told her she is a hybrid:
am says the one woman claims to be a “hybrid,” and is questioned by an older local woman. Pam says she shot the “hybrid” female (someone who claims to have alien origins) slightly out of focus.

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