Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Linda Moultan Howe: Oregon Beach Metal Boxes

LMH at her earthfiles.com site reports on the glowing screeching metal boxes on Oregon beachers. There's no there there, according to Howe:
Earthfiles.com Headline News: February 14, 2012 - Oregon Beach Metal Boxes? No Evidence.

“I sent some assistants this weekend to the beach areas that are supposed
to have the ‘unmovable’ metal boxes and there is nothing there.”

- William Hanshumaker, Ph.D., Hatfield Marine Science Center, Newport, Oregon

Thanks to Mike Clelland at hidden experience for the alert.

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purrlgurrl said...

There is debris from Japan's devastating tsunami beginning to wash up onshore all up and down the Pacific NW coastline transported there by prevailing ocean currents. There have been warnings to the public not to touch the stuff, but rather to report it. The boxes were most probably tsunami debris and have since been removed. Much ado about something, but the wrong something.