Friday, February 24, 2012

Metal Boxes=Dock Floats

Thanks to "terry the censor" who sent me the following links:

Beach-goers bewildered by mysterious debris

Strange boxes spark UFO rumors

This entire "strange box on beach" mystery has shown us, once again, how silly things can get. Because there was recent UFO activity in the area (and that part of the coast is active, UFO wise) the illogical and melodramatic conclusion was that the boxes had some connection with UFOs. Various players: artists, UFO "reporters" who are, seemingly, of the hoaxing kind, debunkers who hurl insults and paint anything to do with UFOs as a pathology, and so on.

"le sigh," as skeptic Renae Holland recently commented on an episode of Finding Bigfoot. (I like Renae, yes, she's a skeptic, but -- and you're right, I can't believe I'm saying this either -- that show needs someone like her.)

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