Saturday, May 5, 2012

Entering the Orb: The Rocky Place - Aliens Not Ghosts

One recurring dreamscape: a large, open home in a semi-wooded area. Towards the back, it's seen the house is up against a rocky wall, cliff like. The ocean, or water, behind and below.

The house has large, open rooms, rarely a door, just extra wide doorways. In one room, you can see clearly through to the other room (s.) And beyond, the rocks, the water.

These dreams never have anything to do with UFOs or even the esoteric (though sometimes, art is involved; people I know who create, including myself, congregate) yet somehow, I had the random realization the other day that these dreams -- this place, this subconscious location -- has a lot to do with UFOs. 

Then, this dream the night before last:
I'm here, in this wide open house of white walls and no doors, highly polished wood floors. I see amber and golden lights, orbs, things are glowing from within. Disembodied voices. Attacks from invisible entities. Obviously the place is haunted. I don't much like this, and I think, "Funny, this kind of scene has never happened before here in this dreamscape." I continue through the house, towards the back, towards the rocky hill and the water below. It's usually nighttime at this point. I have another in dream awareness moment: that it's often evening, at least, in this house when I reach the back. It's usually pleasant, and never hints of anything ghostly. But not tonight. Tonight it's haunted. Glowing lights. An intelligence lives inside those lights.

I don't like this, and want to get away. Some ghosts are fine, some are not. These are not. The glowing, the moving lights, the voices, all of it, are strange, and very very unpleasant. I want to leave, but don't know how. They're everywhere, and don't want me to leave.

Suddenly, and I don't know how or why, it becomes clear: these are not ghosts, not spirits, this is no haunting. But aliens. UFOs. Extra terrestrials having some bit of fun posing as ghosts, but it goes much deeper than that.  It's as if the aliens can't show themselves as they are and have to use the whole haunted house motif as their cover. This both scares me as well as irritates me. Stop playing games with me! I tell them. As if they care. They continue, sneaky softly glowing lights moving through the night.
So, another dream of my invisible aliens. Coincidentally, my current article in UFO Magazine discusses a dream I had after a UFO sighting at the home of an artist I knew. The dream involved that artist and our observation of UFOs. I didn't know that was the piece Nancy Birnes, UFO Magazine's editor, was going to publish this month.

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