Saturday, June 16, 2012

Billy Booth: Bizarre Event in Redmond, Oregon

Billy Booth has this item from May about a UFO encounter in Redmond, Oregon. Bizarre Event in Redmond, Oregon. The incident was reported to Oregon MUFON.
A very bizarre event occurred on May 19, 2012 in Redmond, Oregon. This event involved lights in the sky and an elderly man being injured by some type of energy beam.

The woman involved was doing dishes. Her sink has a window in front of it, allowing a view of the grounds around one side of the home. The land is part of the Oregon/Washington BLM, or Bureau of Land Management. The program makes use of 16 million acres, setting it outside for wildlife, recreation, timber harvest, livestock grazing, mineral extraction and more.

While she was finishing up the family dishes, she noticed two glowing objects that would have been over BLM land. The objects appeared to be at least 20 feet apart. They were sitting in the sky, looked to be of a rectangular shape, with a bluish color.

The couple, in their seventies, went to explore the strange lights in the woods. I find this very interesting behavior. Despite the dark, their age and the overall strangeness of odd blue lights and unpleasant physical feelings (zapping electrical type energy, etc.) first the husband, then the wife and husband together, go out to investigate. As so often happens with UFO encounters, humans will pursue the event even though it is dark, or in the middle of nowhere, or just plain overall weirdness...on the other hand, as we also know, often overwhelming apathy can take over and witnesses will simply say "Oh, how odd" and then go off to sleep as if nothing had happened. Both responses to UFO encounters are extreme (I sure wouldn't be brave enough to walk out into the dark in the woods after seeing unusual lights -- or would I?) yet, there it is.

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