Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Binnall of America Audio: Sean Kotz and "A Different Kind of UFO Documentary"

Listen to Sean Kotz with host Tim Binnall discussing Kotz's "Strange Country; A Different Kind of UFO Documentary." Binnall of America

Here's an excerpt from Internet Newswire:
BoA:Audio returns to the realm of UFOs with our guest, filmmaker Sean Kotz, who discusses the 1987 UFO flap in Wytheville, Virginia, which will be chronicled in his forthcoming documentary Strange Country: A Different Kind of UFO Documentary. Sean will detail the story of reporter Danny Gordon, who found himself in the center of the UFO maelstrom after he made what appeared to be a seemingly innocuous report on a UFO sighting in the the Wytheville area. We’ll learn about how Gordon was overwhelmed with sighting reports from local citizens, the strange characters who emerged in the area as the UFO flap grew, and the troubling events which beset Gordon’s life as he dug deeper into the UFO mystery.

It is a chilling cautionary tale that examines how ‘lights in the sky’ can profoundly alter the lives of those on the ground who witness them, as Sean Kotz revisits the 1987 Wytheville UFO flap.

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