Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Two Little Bits of Synchronicity

Love tracking those moments of synchronicity. I had two moments last night. Firstly, working with my Deviant Moon deck. Not wearing my glasses, I misread/saw the Knight of Cups as the Page of Cups. When I looked closer, I saw that I had read the layout as if the Knight of Cups was the Page; so I drew a card from the top of the deck for further insight, something I sometimes do. That card was the Page of Cups.

Deviant Moon tarot, artist Patrick Valenza

Deviant Moon tarot, artist Patrick Valenza
Later, listening to Coast to Coast with guest Robert Knight, discussing remote viewing. At one point as Knight was talking, I wondered why he hadn't included Ingo Swann in his list of researchers and thinkers. "Swann was one of the pioneers in all this!"I thought. How odd he doesn't mention him. A pause, then Knight goes into Ingo Swann.

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