Sunday, July 15, 2012

UFO Digest: Professional UFO hunters say they won't watch 'Chasing UFOs'

Professional UFO hunters say they won't watch 'Chasing UFOs' by Roger Marsh. From the article, the following quotes:
UFO-NUKES expert Robert Hastings compared National Geographic Network's new show, "Chasing UFOs", to "Blair Witch Project meets Inspector Clouseau" in a story released this week at the UFO Chronicles web site.

And this from James Fox, one of the three hosts/UFO chasers on the show:
“I know how disappointed all of you are. I am too. It’s not the show that was sold to both myself and scientist Ben…[It] does get a bit better further down the road but not a lot.” —James Fox

I've seen three or four episodes, and it seems Erin Ryder is the leader, which is surprising since James Fox is part of the team. If a leader needs to be, why isn't he in charge? Fox, after all, is the only one of the three with any UFO experience, having created two UFO documentries (I Know What I Saw, Out of the Blue.) He was also one of the first to document what was going on in the gulf during the BP oil spill.

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