Monday, August 27, 2012

Nick Redfern's World of Whatever...: Ufologists: Do NOT Do These Things!

Nick Redfern shares his list of things UFO researchers should not do. I like all of his ideas, including this one:
No, no, no, no, no!! I've seen it time and time again at UFO conferences. And, no doubt, I'll continue to see it time and time again. It's the ufological equivalent of letting the boss win a game of golf (which nobody should be doing either). Or, as it's also known: seeking out the people in Ufology who you think can best help you advance your career (conference organizers, magazine editors, the leading-lights in the big UFO groups), and saying what you think they will want to hear, and not saying what you really think. Have some dignity! Say what you think about George Adamski, the Men in Black, or Area 51. Not what this or that person thinks! Okay, claiming old George merely took photos of a few lampshades tossed into the air probably won't get you booked at the next Contactee-themed event. But, you have, at least, been honest to yourself. So, when it comes to kissing ass, Ufologist: Don't do it!

And you know I love the following!:
As someone who has done far more cryptozoological research than UFO research, I often like to bring up the fact that someone has seen Bigfoot race across the road at the same place - and in the same precise time-frame - that someone else saw a UFO land in the woods. One of the reasons I like to bring it up is because it makes many a Ufologist and Cryptozoologist cringe. The reason: it suggests their carefully constructed beliefs might need to be revised. And, neither of these two "ologies" want that! But, why? What's wrong with pointing out that there are a significant number of cases on record where one Fortean puzzle most certainly crosses paths with another? Answer: there's nothing wrong with it! For those fearful of what their peers might think, however, it is a problem. So, they stay weak and silent. I say: Ufologist: Don't do it!
I agree 100% with every single one of his points! Good for him for saying so.

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