Friday, September 21, 2012

Skeptic Chutzpah/Spam, No Damn Apoloigies, and Ancient Aliens

In March, I made an attempt to "live blog" an episode of Ancient Aliens. Just for fun. Decided it wasn't worth the effort and kind of silly so I doubt I'll do that again with any program. Love the show, just not into the running commentary/live blogging performance art thing. Anyway, a skeptic spammed/left the following link on that post:debunking ancient aliens

I commented that, given his demonstration of chutzpah in leaving his comment in this Blog Queen's realm, (realm of the Pacific Northwest, Lesley Gunter is the Queen of the Southwest) where debunkers and skeptics are not entertained with consideration, I'll post it anyway.

Speaking of skeptics, my latest Trickster's Realm column is up at Tim Binnall's site: The Prove It Game.
Skeptics and debunkers respond to the passive aggressive use of the word "claims" of Fortean events by flatly commenting "The burden of proof is upon the teller of the tale." Oh bullshit. Go away.

It's that whole moving the goalpost gambit; framing anomalous events within a game context. Games have rules. Therefore, prove you saw a UFO or Bigfoot or that you journeyed to Venus with the space brethren. But it's not a game. Well, it certainly does seem to be a game, actually, but it isn't being played by our rules. Thousands of years of the fantastical have shown us that. So why are some stuck in the belief that the game has rules we understand or that the rules are fair? It's obvious it's their game -- whoever "they" are -- and the rules, if any, are slippery fuckers.

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Terry the Censor said...

Jason Colavito is a knowledgeable guy who has the goods on a lot of the wild ancient alien claims. He doesn't argue, he just goes back to the sources cited by the theorists -- and finds they don't say what the theorists claim. Solid stuff.